Green Festival Speakers

Catherine Stevens


Catherine Stevens, as a young child, had a deep connection to the earth and also loved to create art. As a young woman she studied chemistry and biological sciences (receiving a Master's and Ph.D. with a major emphasis in photosynthesis) at the University of Texas at Austin. Twelve hours after delivering her dissertation to her committee, she delivered her first child, which changed her path. She became a stayathome mom with 3 children, working in many volunteer positions throughout her children's schooling that often focused on sustainability issues or environmental activism. She also became an artist who used her art to reflect her love and reverence for the natural world. In 1987, she made friends with some Native Americans that reaffirmed her intuition that our world was following an imbalanced/unwise path.

As Catherine moved further onto a spiritual path, she felt a resonance for shamanism, as well as other spiritual practices that have been described as New Age. She is a Reiki Master. As a selfdescribed adult play therapist, shaman, and teacher, she has intuitively begun using games to bring healing for people as they reconnect to the sacred in Mother Earth. She owns her own business, Catherine L. Stevens' Studio, in Denver, CO. She creates relief prints, mosaics, other art media, and teaches. Catherine has illustrated a children's book, Margaret's Surprise, by Ronda Miller.