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Green Festival Speakers




stic.man, a noted music producer, book publisher, community activist, entrepreneur, actor, film director, practicing vegan and Afrikan martial artist, father and husband, and onehalf of the politically conscious, internationallyacclaimed rap duo dead prez, has remained a staple in the entertainment business for nearly a decade. Breaking barriers and receiving countless accolades from the music industrys most respected after releasing the debut dead prez album, Lets Get Free (Loud RCA), stic and his partner M1 were honored for Lyrics of the Year and nominated Best New Rap Duo of 2000 by The Source Magazine and shortly afterwards became the first rap group from the US to ever play South Africa selling out shows that featured
the performance of their incredibly infectious hardpulsating rap anthem Hip Hop. The songs popularity spawned a documentary and a movement entitled Bigger Than Hip Hop (Starz Cable Network) produced in association with legendary director Melvin Van Peebles, and was featured as the longtime opening theme song for the politically relevant, yet hysterical Comedy Central program The Dave Chappelle Show starring comedian Dave Chappelle.

After years of successful movie and music projects/collaborations, national appearances and awards, stic continued to make strides in being a positive inspirational voice for todays generation. He assumed the role as the CEO of Boss Up Inc., a dead prez inspired music and entertainment company that offers information, music, and gear that reflects a sense of selfdetermination, creative consciousness, and entrepreneurship. Placing emphasis on maturity, personal achievement, family, selfexpression, health, and self consciousness, it was under Boss Up Inc. that stic released his second book, The Art of Emceeing , an instructional hiphop book providing tips to emcees on vocal health, writing, publishing, and producing that was not only featured as a BET Rap City Book of the Monthtwice, but was also incorporated into music and cultural curriculums in high schools, universities and community programs around the country. His first book, Warrior Names from Afrika came after the birth of his son Itwela while searching for
a meaningful babys name.

This year stics Boss Up Inc will publish three more books. Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within, The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy (written by his wife Afya Ibomu), and lastly RBG Fit Club: A Revolutionary Beginners Guide to Fitness, Nutrition and Getting Goals Accomplished. Stic is also the founder and editorinchief of .Ammo Magazine, a monthly online subscription magazine that is charged with arming subscribers with access to a plethora of holistic street knowledge on revolutionary politics, health, selfdefense, martial arts, edutainment, spirituality, parenting, money, relationships, survival, business and more.

Reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X profoundly transformed stics perspective on himself and the world around him, and he continues to incorporate those reallife warrior aesthetics into his music and lifestyle. In his teens, as an active member of the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement he worked on a grassroots level in the streets of Florida, Chicago, and New York, building community programs
and fighting for justice around local issues.

The very personal issues of drug addiction and trafficking were tackled in the mixtape, Cant Sell Dope Forever (Boss Up Inc.) a collaboration album with dead prez and the Outlawz, and in 2007 stic released his debut solo album Manhood (Boss up Inc.) that features cameo appearances by Khujo Goodie and Young noble of the Outlawz and stellar production by respected producers JWells, Sol Messiah, HiTek and and stics own signature production delivering a mature and refreshing vibe, vision and very relevant voice.

Stic is currently writing and producing for Nas upcoming album Nigger (Def Jam) and is also a featured actor in a short action drama The Black Panther Blood Ties (R.L. Scott). Stic, is also a reallife student of Afrikan Martial Arts (Egbe Ogun) and is the director and editor of the first ever Afrikan Martial Arts Documentary called The Way of the Black Fist, and is starring in the forthcoming Miramax martial arts flick Slum 13. Stic is determined to stay true to his roots residing in Atlanta with his wife of 15 years and 6 year old son, on a continuing mission to Boss Up!