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Nicole Styles



Nicole Styles currently works as MTA’s Community Outreach Coordinator. As the Community Outreach Coordinator, she manages the Street Team, which goes out into the city and educates the community about HIV/AIDS. There are three different facets of outreach: HIV 101, Community, and Street. HIV 101 gives a basic overview of the causes of HIV and how to prevent its transmission. Community Outreach consists of setting up tables and booths at various health fairs. Street Outreach consists of conducting risk assessments throughout the community and passing out condoms while encouraging people to come visit Metro TeenAIDS.

Before joining Metro TeenAIDS, Nicole’s passion for youth led her to work at the Perry School through AmeriCorps. While working there, she had the opportunity to meet with Adam Tenner, MTA’s director. She was then asked to interview for a position helping out with MTA’s youth development program.

Nicole is a native of Washington, D.C.

Why Metro TeenAIDS? Nicole believes that outreach is important because the community lacks a connection to resources, and as a result, they are often misinformed about HIV/AIDS and other issues pertaining to their health. She loves being in the community and having direct contact with the people that she is advocating for. She feels that in order to be a part of outreach it is important to be open-minded, humorous, youth appealing, non-judgmental, and compassionate. Though she admits that it can be tough dealing with youth because they often go from one extreme to another, it is her overall passion for youth that drives her to continue her work.

Though Nicole dropped out of high school her senior year, it has not stopped her from doing many great things. She was able to take a trip to South Africa, which allowed her to see HIV/AIDS from a global perspective and gain a cross-cultural experience. While there she conducted HIV 101’s and visited the Study of AIDS Institute. She also helped to start a garden in Peace Town, an area designated for people affected by HIV/AIDS. She marks first setting foot on the soil of South Africa as one of her favorite memories.

During her time at MTA, Nicole has gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to HIV/AIDS prevention and care. She credits MTA for giving her a sense of completion. Her goal for MTA is to continue adapting and keeping up with technology. In the future, she would like to become a global health practitioner