Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe) is an internationally acclaimed author, orator and activist. A graduate of Harvard and Antioch Universities with advanced degrees in rural economic development, LaDuke has devoted her life to protecting the lands and life ways of Native communities. In 1994, Time magazine named her one of America’s fifty most promising leaders under forty years of age, and in 1997 she was named Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year.

Other honors include the Reebok Human Rights Award, the Thomas Merton Award, the Ann Bancroft Award, the Global Green Award, and the prestigious International Slow Food Award for working to protect wild rice and local biodiversity. LaDuke also served as Ralph Nader’s vice-presidential running mate on the Green Party ticket in the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections. In addition to numerous articles, LaDuke is the author of Last Standing Woman (fiction), All Our Relations (non-fiction), In the Sugarbush (children's non-fiction), and The Winona LaDuke Reader. Her most recent book is Recovering the Sacred: the Power of Naming and Claiming (South End Press). An enrolled member of the Mississippi band of Anishinaabe, LaDuke lives with her family on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.

She is also the Founding Director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, a reservation based non-profit devoted to restoring the land-base and culture of the White Earth Anishinaabeg. She helped found Honor the Earth in 1993 and has served in a leadership position since the organization’s inception.


Lagos is a member of the Divine Chocolate U.S. team, leading sales and educational outreach in the midwest and eastern territories. Since the company's American launch in 2007, Lagos has worked to share Divine's remarkable story of farmer empowerment and Fair Trade with people across the country. Prior to joining Divine, Lagos was lead researcher at Coop America's Responsible Shopper Program.


After receiving a B.A. in Sociology from Indiana University and becoming a stay-at-home mother of two, HillaryLake, an entrepreneur at heart, decided she needed to work for herself. With a combination of her leadership skills and desire to build the type of company at which she would enjoy working, Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service was born.

While growing the business, Lake has been an active leader in the growing residential cleaning industry, as well as an active member in the sustainable community in Chicago. She is an active member and Ambassador of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, a member of the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance and Local First Chicago.

Lake is dedicated to inspiring people by operating according to her own values: fun, connection and growth. Her leadership is values-based and her company is growing to become a different kind of cleaning company.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and extended family, including her four brothers and their families and friends. She also enjoys dancing, entertaining and practicing yoga.


Lakeman is cofounder of The City Repair Project in Portland, Oregon, working to build strong, localized community networks that are economically stable and ecologically sustainable.


Phaedra EllisLamkins is the Chief Executive Officer of Green For All. Since taking leadership in March 2009, Phaedra has led the organization to a stirring string of victories. Chief among these was assembling a civil rights coalition that successfully lobbied for two significant improvements to the House version of the American Clean Energy and Security Act: securing funding for job training, and guaranteeing broad access to clean energy jobs. These are the Act's only provisions creating opportunity for lowincome people and people of color.

Under Phaedra's leadership, Green For All has also won major legislative victories in Washington State and New Mexico. With Green For All's help, both are pioneering statelevel green jobs and energyefficiency programs. Washington's, in particular offers other states a model for not only creating clean energy jobs, but also responsibly investing federal Recovery Act dollars for longterm environmental and economic health.

Prior to joining Green For All, Phaedra was head of the South Bay AFLCIO Labor Council and Working Partnerships USA. While there, she earned her reputation as one of the nation's most inspirational and creative problem solvers for working families. She also earned a wealth of experience that will help her lead Green For All to new heights:


Author of The Green Gardeners Guide, Lampl is the founder of The Joe Gardener Company and host of Fresh from the Garden (DIY Network) and GardenSMART (PBS).


Lancaster is author of Rainwater Harvesting for Dry Lands, and is anexpert on water harvesting as a means of increasing water resources.


Eric Landen is a global green business leader who is continually advancing the frontier where environmental and economic interests merge. Early in his career, he explored the potential of business being a driving force for positive environmental change, co-founding the USA’s first organic cotton and hemp clothing company. He is currently the CEO of Landen Consulting, founded in 1996, which provides guidance to business and government leaders on the next generation of sustainability strategies. Also a member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Standards Committee and chair of the project’s Economics Subcommittee, developing guidelines to help our nation’s farmers achieve environmental and social sustainability in an economically viable manner. He is a member of numerous ecology and conservation-focused organizations, and is a special contributor to publications such as the Water Wide Web. A frequent speaker at sustainability events, Landen demonstrates the evolving interconnections between Earth’s ecosystems and business performance and strategy.


Landeros is vice president of EcoDeposits and Cash Management at ShoreBank Pacific, a sustainable community development bank based in Ilwaco, WA. Serving in many different roles since the banks inception in 1997, Landeros is considered one of the leaders and innovators in bringing sustainable banking products and services to the Northwest. With roots in fishing and farming on the Long Beach Peninsula, she is a true advocate for the banks mission of strengthening sustainable communities.


Marc J. Lane is a nationally recognized business and tax attorney, a Master Registered Financial Planner, a Registered Financial Counselor and a Certified Investment Specialist. He is the author of 34 books on corporate organization, management, taxation, investment, personal finance, and social enterprise. Twice a recipient of the Illinois State Bar Association's Lincoln Award, Marc teaches law at Northwestern University School of Law and has taught business in the MBA program at the University of Illinois.


Courtney Lang brings over 5 years of community development to Fair Trade Towns USA, building both the Local Food and Fair Trade networks in Vermont. As Local Food Coordinator with City Market/Onion River Cooperative, Courtney worked with local producers, institutions and consumers to increase market access and organize a strategic model for community action through farm tours, workshops, and local food challenges. Like many in the Fair Trade industry, Courtney was inspired to take action in Fair Trade when she witnessed child-labor first hand in Costa Rica. As a founding member of Fair Trade Burlington, she has worked with economic development organizations, businesses and consumers to build awareness of Fair Trade among Vermonters. She also worked with a Fair Trade USA licensee, Vermont Coffee Company, as Friend Ambassador where she united the story of Fair Trade to every purchase of coffee.

A highplains girl hailing from southwest Kansas, Mickki has spent more than 15 years working and volunteering for social change and community improvement.

In 2004 she helped form a Web development company focused on open participation and a consulting firm building new systems for shaping and managing the flows of information, resources and participation.

Recognizing the need to reclaim our power to create community wealth, Mickki cofounded the Mile High Business Alliance in 2007. Currently serving as Executive Director, Mickki combines her passion for social and environmental sustainability with her experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur. Her work with the business alliance focuses on organizing local business owners in working together to build a more locally focused and stable economy that doesnt sacrifice people and the planet for the sake of profit.


Dune, along with a band of dedicated social change artists, has worked tirelessly and successfully since the Exxon Valdez oil spill to create several socialprofits to take on the powers that be that continue to threaten his beloved homeland and wild Copper River salmon.

Dune has realized he now has to use his entrepreneurial skills to help form several key, forprofit, Alaskabased companies to enter the Green Race economy, so he and key visionary partners are building a wild seafood BCorp company with a mission focused on changing the seafood industry to a sustainable business force that will help him preserve his ancestral wild salmon way of life.


Vanessa Lanza is the Director of Partnerships at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), managing partnerships with community-based organizations, agencies and individuals working to coordinate and improve outreach, public awareness, and human trafficking identification efforts. Vanessa also manages the organization’s international partnerships with NGO’s in Mexico, aiming to build the capacity of local non profits and service providers through training and technical assistance, as well as building and strengthening coalitions. Vanessa also coordinates the CAST Survivor Advisory Caucus, a leadership-development program for survivors of human trafficking, providing survivors with advocacy and media training and support with the goal of helping them to become effective change agents in the anti-trafficking movement. In February 2011, Vanessa worked with the CAST Survivor Advisory Caucus to launch a National Survivor Network bringing together survivors across the country to advocate for a stronger survivor voice and mutual support. Prior to joining CAST, Vanessa worked with Oxfam America and the World Health Organization Office at the United Nations.


Nancy LaPlaca, J.D., is an Energy Consultant with Bardwell Consulting Ltd. Her accomplishments include working with groups around the country to halt the first wave of socalled clean coal plants, including one in Colorado. As a public interest intervener at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, she is working to include currently uncounted costs such as health effects from burning coal, mercury contamination, air and water pollution, global warming, water use and future constrained water supplies, environmental justice, and toxic natural gas drilling chemicals in groundwater.

Nancys witnesses include expert testimony from natural gas experts, price forecasting, econometric modeling, fossil fuel depletion and parties directly affected by drilling and power plant pollution.

She provided energy consulting, speech writing, OpEd writing and debate preparation for two winning Arizona Corporation Commissioners. She speaks frequently on electricity, coal, carbon sequestration, and other energy issues.

Nancy is working on a proposal to require utilities to provide easytounderstand utility bills that include fuel mix, emissions information. She and her husband, Dr. Andy Bardwell, are committed to promoting the public interest in energy issues.


LaPointe is currently in his thirteenth year of work at the John G. Shedd Aquarium and is presently the Director of Environmental Quality. LaPointe began working as a chemist at the Aquarium in the spring of 1997, learning the life support systems and working with the laboratory instrumentation. LaPointe now manages the environmental quality laboratory, monitoring animal habitats and recommending adjustments to life support operations.

Before starting his career with Shedd Aquarium, LaPointe was employed at the Hammond Indiana Sanitary District in a water analysis instrumentation position for three years. LaPointe studied chemistry and zoology at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, receiving a B.S. in 1993. In addition, LaPointe received an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2004.

LaPointe has conducted various water quality seminars and trainings for zoological organizations and has taught various courses in water chemistry, including a twosemester course titled Water Works. LaPointe teaches a 5Day Seminar on aquarium environmental quality annually at the Shedd Aquarium.

As part of Shedd Aquarium's conservation efforts, LaPointe will begin field work this year in Guyana, researching the water systems and rich fauna and flora in one of the last untouched aquatic ecosystems in the world.


Tom LaPorte is Assistant Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management. He is responsible not only for media relations, but also for community outreach on matters pertaining to conservation, environmentalism, and community building.

His approaches have included teaching recycling through a Recycled Art Program at Senn High School. Neighborhood block clubs provided the raw material and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce voted to formally support the project. Alderman Mary Ann Smith (48th) lent active support.

The Earth Night Concerts in Edgewater (and as last years Green Fest closing ceremony) brought professional musicians together with the Chicago Burning Man community to combine classical music, remixing, projections and fire performance.

Tom has worked for the City of Chicago for six and one half years, prior to which he spent 25 years in local radio news (WIND, WMAQ and WBBM).


Anna Lappé is a widely respected author and educator, renowned for her work as a sustainable food advocate. The co-author or author of three books and the contributing author to nine others, Anna’s work has been widely translated internationally and featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, Oprah Magazine, among many other outlets. Named one of Time’s “eco” Who’s-Who, Anna is a founding principal of the Small Planet Institute and the Small" target="_blank">">Small Planet Fund and has for more than a decade been a key force in the growing international movement for sustainability and justice in the food chain. Her latest book, Diet" target="_blank">">Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It (Bloomsbury), was named by Booklist and Kirkus as one of the best environmental book’s of the year. Anna is also the co-author of Hope’s" target="_blank">">Hope’s Edge (Tarcher/Penguin 2002), which chronicles social movements fighting hunger around the world, andhttp:// Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen (Tarcher/Penguin 2006), which showcases the ecological and social benefits of sustainable food and includes seasonal menus from chef Bryant Terry. In addition, Anna has contributed to eight other books, including State of the World 2011, Food Inc., WorldChanging, and Feeding the Future.

Anna can be seen as the co-host of the public television series, The" target="_blank">">The Endless Feast and as a featured expert on PBS’s Need to Know, the Sundance Channel’s Big" target="_blank">">Big Ideas for a Small Planet and the PBS documentary, Nourish. Anna is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio shows and has been on hundreds of radio programs, including National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, The Diane Rehm Show, and WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show and Leonard Lopate Show. Anna’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, O: The Oprah Magazine, Domino, Food & Wine, Body + Soul, Natural Health, and Vibe, among many other publications.

With her mother Frances Moore Lappé, Anna co-founded the Cambridge-based Small Planet Institute, an international network for research and popular education about the root causes of hunger and poverty. The Lappés are also co-founders of the Small Planet Fund, which has raised more than $785,000 for democratic social movements worldwide, two of which have won the Nobel Peace Prize since the Fund’s founding in 2002.

Anna’s writing and advocacy have earned her numerous accolades. In 2009, The New York Times magazine featured Anna among a handful of “food fighters.” In 2007, she was chosen by the Missing Peace Project for the Compassion in Action Award and in 2006 Anna was selected for Contribute magazine’s “21 Under 40 Making a Difference.”

A frequent public speaker, in the past decade Anna has participated in more than 350 events, from community food festivals to university lectures to emceeing a food-focused fundraiser at Sotheby’s. She has been a keynote speaker and guest lecturer at dozens of colleges and universities, including Boston College, Brown University, Dominican University, Northwestern University, Wesleyan, and Yale University.

Anna holds an M.A. in Economic and Political Development from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and graduated with honors from Brown University. From 2004 to 2006, she was a Food and Society Fellow, a national program of the WK Kellogg Foundation. She is currently an Innovator with the Glynwood" target="_blank">">Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their daughters.


Frances Moore Lappé is the author of the recently released EcoMind and seventeen other books, including the bestselling Diet for a Small Planet. The recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and the James Beard Foundation’s “Humanitarian of the Year” award, she is the cofounder of three organizations, including Food First and, more recently, the Small Planet Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Concepcion Lara is an acknowledged expert in the Latino market: she pioneered the multi-channel industry’s foray in the US Latino Market as well the expansion of key digital venues and satellite TV channels into Latin America. She is well versed in multi-platform distribution including television, internet, mobile phone and other digital distribution vehicles. Lara is currently active with CitizenGlobal, the first social creation media platform to promulgate the hottest new trend in social media which allows consumers to jointly create exciting and fresh content with top talent and brands.

While at HBO, Lara proposed and was instrumental in the launch of HBO Ole, one of the first pan-continental, satellite-delivered services in the world—and HBO’s most successful international venture to date. She was also a key force behind the creation of HBO Latino, The Fox Latin American Channel and Fox Kids Latino.

Additionally, Lara has played a key role in the development of the Latin DVD business: As Sr. VP of Ventura Distribution’ Studio Latino, she established the company as the leader in the space by helping key brands such as Univision and Sesame Street launch their Latino home entertainment divisions.

Lara has also consulted at a high level for companies such as Universal Music; InfoSpace; Japan’s PerfecTV!; Discovery en Español; The Family Channel in Latin America and the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

A graduate of Stanford University, and a native of Mexico, she has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Seoul, Korea and Stuttgart, Germany.


Andrea Lara grew up in the foothills of Northern California, the daughter of a plumber. After studying Neuroscience at Pitzer College, and teaching after-school science programs, she entered the plumbing trade. Witnessing the wanton waste of high end plumbing Andrea decided to put her plumbing skills to better use, and joined the Greywater Guerrillas. She's led workshops and constructed greywater systems in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Lare and

Chuck Lare, an electrical engineer, is President of Lare ; Associates LLC ( Chuck Lare for over thirty years has been developing technologies and organizing within communities for economic justice. Chuck is currently one of several moving forces behind the local nonprofit organization Wallingford Solar Initiative (WSI, Chuck has for over 40 years been developing technologies in both the public and private sectors. Space Shuttle avionics, telecommunications and medical development for local companies and Port Security, fiber optics infrastructure and wireless applications in the public sector. The last ten years, Chuck has been consulting to drive down organizations costs in telecommunications. With the recent legislation and dire need for putting neighbors back to work, Chuck has been facilitating the WSI work Business/Market enabling through use of solar power.


Todd Larsen is the Corporate Responsibility Director for Green America. Green America’s corporate responsibility programs educate consumers and investors about the environmental and social records of major companies and encourage them to take action to promote greater responsibility. In addition, Green America provides tools and resources to companies to help consumers, businesses and investors improve their impacts on people and the planet.

Todd also heads up Green America’s Climate Solutions Program which works to end polluting energy sources, map the future for clean energy, and engage Americans as investors in a clean energy future.

Todd has 15 years of experience in public education and corporate campaign work and has a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Dr. Sarah Larsen is a Medical Intuitive, Nutritional Counselor, 3rd Generation Palm Reader and a Life Coach. She received a degree as Medical Doctor from Medical University of the Americas. Her approach to wellness, counseling and hand analysis has been described as merging ancient wisdom and modern medicine for optimal health. Dr. Larsen’s personal mission is to bring Eastern and Western medical traditions together for the best possible you. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.


Lauer is cofounder and program director for The DC Project, working with the public and private sectors to coordinate a citywide collaboration focused on employment in the green economy for atrisk adults.


Bianca I. Laureano is a first generation Puerto Rican who was born and raised in the Washington, DC metro area. The oldest daughter of an artist and educator, Bianca was raised in an activist environment that valued art in all its various and dynamic forms. At the beginning of high school Bianca'sparents encouraged her to become active in a youth led program called Raising Hispanic Academic Achievement, Inc. (RHAA), where she tutored and mentored Latino youth in the Washington, DC metro area. Bianca has been mentoring a young woman, Candy, for 13 years. Through RHAA Bianca developed critical skills and training as positive youth development was central to the program. Beginning as a tutor with RHAA, Bianca quickly became a part of the youth leadership and began assisting with program planning. She not only tutored and mentored on Saturday mornings, she arranged guest speakers, field trips and eventually co-led the all-female Saturday School in Silver Spring, MD, where the focus was on providing Latinas a space of their own to excel and find affirmation.

Bianca attended the University of Maryland, College Park (UM) and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Individual Studies: Women's Health and Latino Communities. While at UM Bianca was active in peer education and mentoring programs through the University Health Center and became the Assistant Coordinator for Sexual Health Programs. The summer of 2000 she spent in Xhualtez, Espita in the Yucatan working with one of the first government funded health centers that provides western trained physicians and indigenous Mayan healers as a part of holistic health care. Upon her return she attended New York University and received her Master of Arts degree in Human Sexuality Education in 2002.

After spending one year with the Child Welfare League of America as the Program Manager of Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting, Bianca began working on her second Master of Arts degree at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Department of Women's Studies. Bianca's research areas include Latina feminisms, Puerto Rican studies, sexuality, youth and media culture. Her training in feminist theory and intersectionality were developed at the Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity where she was a CrISP Fellow. In 2006 Bianca received her second Master of Arts degree in Women's Studies where her focus included race and racialization, bodies, gender and sexualities.

While at the UM, Bianca continued to be involved in direct action and activism with a grassroots not-for-profit organization called Visions in Feminism (ViF). ViF is a collective of activists who work to create a low-cost, accessible national conference devoted to creating a space to discuss complex topics facing modern feminism.

During her last year in the Washington, DC metro area, Bianca became involved with a group of young professional women who were all devoted to eliminating cervical cancer through HPV education. Bianca became the Director of Sexual Health for Tamika and Friends, Inc., (T&F) in 2005 and worked to create peer education handbooks and training's for people interested in having HPV (House Parties of fiVe) parties. T&F is one of the first organizations to focus on educating men and youth regarding HPV and cervical cancer and that provides technical assistance and survivor support.

Currently residing in New York City, Bianca lives in the Bronx and provides consultation, capacity building and training, and facilitation to organizations dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential. She enjoys live music and concerts, the independent movie scene, museums, a good flea market, traveling, reading, dancing to dope beats, the beach, and is a fierce karaoke performer.

Bianca has published one book and several articles. She has presented both locally and internationally on various topics concerning activism, Latino sexual health, feminisms, youth and hip-hop culture, Latinos and race, curriculum development, and teaching. Bianca is an instructor at a private college and a freelance writer.


As the executive director of the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles, Molly Lavik is responsible for securing financial support for the SBC’s educational programs and running the day-to-day operations of the organization under the leadership of the SBC board of directors. Molly’s mantra: “empowering entrepreneur’s access to success” began over a decade ago with the formation of her own company, Mentor InSight. As CEO of this corporation, Molly has assisted hundreds of socially-responsible entrepreneurs find their true potential and authentic purpose by transforming their new venture visions into reality. Molly’s previous credits also include providing marketing and strategic development services for Microsoft, DreamWorks SKG, The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Westin Hotels & Resorts and serving as executive director for the Los Angeles New Media Roundtable. Additionally, Molly possesses an academic teaching background and she is a professor at the Vatel International Business School, Los Angeles and an adjunct professor for Alliant International University’s Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. Molly previously was a practitioner faculty of Marketing at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. She has a MS in Technology Management from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University, and a BA degree in Mass Communications from Purdue University.


For the past 19 years, Denver Urban Gardens ; Denver Recycles have partnered to offer the Denver Master Composter Training ; Outreach program to Denver residents. This train the trainer program educates residents about easy ways to reduce the use of water, reuse and recycle home organics and gain the healthiest growing environment for plants and people.

Steve Lawrnece is a Master Composter and a volunteer with Denver Urban Gardens public education program. He has been a backyard composter and organic gardener for over 20 years.


You may know her from her multiple EMMY nominated and SAG Award winning portrayal of ADA Sylvia Costas Sipowitz in the ground breaking NYPD Blue or as a stay-at-home prostitute in DESPRATE HOUSEWIVES, a murderous realtor on MONK or a sociopathic serial killer on LAW AND ORDER:SVU. Speaking out for protection of endangered polar bears for the World Wildlife Fund or beating Larry David up on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

She has headlined her own comedy series FIRED UP produced by Kelsey Grammar for NBC and starred with class acts Alfred Molina, Betty White and Dixie Carter in CBS’s sit com LADIES MAN.

Sharon received her fourth Emmy nomination for her work on GREY’S ANATOMY as Katherine Hiegl’s tender but ditzy mom. Other guest appearances include her much Twittered about stint on ONE TREE HILL, COMMUNITY, THE MENTALIST, GHOST WHISPERER, DIRT and PRIVILIDGED. She’ll be returning for a third season to DROP DEAD DIVA.

An accomplished stage actress, Sharon created the role of Maureen in the premier of Theresa Rebeck’s POOR BEHAVIOR at the Mark Taper Forum. Last year she in NY in the hit Love, Loss And What I Wore and was recently nominated for an Ovation Award and won the LA Drama Critics Circle Award for her acclaimed performance as Vivian Leigh in Pasadena Playhouse’s Off Broadway hit Orson’s Shadow. Her latest Broadway appearance was as Velma Kelly in Chicago. Film work includes LIES AND ALIBIES with Rebecca Romjin, LITTLE BLACK BOOK with Holly Hunter and GOSSIP with Kate Hudson.

She has starred in many films for television and produced for NBC, FIVE DESPERATE HOURS co-starring Giancarlo Esposito. Currently in development on buzz, a multi-platform series about college journalists, this takes Sharon back to her educational roots since she earned her BA in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

She has been honored with UNC-CH’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award, the Prism, Method Fest, and Drama Logue Awards

Sharon recently chaired the Women In Film Foundation and also supports Global Green and the Alzheimer’s Association and Events of the Heart for Women’s Heart Health. She lives in Los Angeles and Idyllwild California, is married to physician Dr Thomas Apostle and is a contributor to the new book LIVE AND LET LOVE, notes from Extraordinary Women On the Layers, Laughter and Litter of Love.


As founding director of Reclaim the Media, Lawson has helped play a catalytic role in the growth of a national movement focused on media justice and democratizing media policy. He spent six years developing online communications and strategic campaigns for labor unions including CWA, AFSCME and SEIU.

Lawson sits on the advisory board for the Consumers Union's Hear Us Now project, and is a board member of the Washington News Council. He is a fouryear veteran of the Independent Media Center movement, and has worked in community radio since 1986.

Currently Lawson cohosts the weekly creative music program Flotation Device on KBCS in Seattle. His articles on media issues have appeared in numerous publications. In 2007 he and Reclaim the Media were recognized by the Seattle Times among the Best of Puget Sound. Jonathan holds a master's degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

Le Dessein

Le Dessein, 'luh deh - saN', French meaning the Endeavor or the Project, was founded on the principles of partnering with and empowering young girls in struggling and underprivileged communities around the world by contributing to their education through art. Our mission is to collect a range of artwork (photos, drawings, etc...) created by young girls from trusted charities, which we then feature onto our fashion. We guarantee 15% of our proceeds back to that same charity to help fund those young girls' $250 yearly school tuition. This is our commitment.

Le Dessein is proud to support the 'More Than Me,' Foundation located in West Point, a slum in Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa). ‘More Than Me’s mission is to provide school tuition to the more than hundred girls they work with, along with the cooperation of local community leaders –" target="_blank">


Neambe LeadonVita is an award winning community activist, educator, organic gardener and mother of two, integrating her many talents in service to community. Her work as Eco-Cultivator for organizations like Blue and Yellow Logic, The GrowHaus, Sisters of Color United for Education, PeaceJam and Youthbiz is enhanced by her passion to educate youth with the tools to live a healthy, self-sustaining future. As Eco-Cultivator, Neambe has co-designed and implemented a curriculum entitled “Going Green, Living Bling: Redefining the Image of Wealth,” which includes an introduction to sustainability, organic vegetable gardening, food justice, health, environmental awareness and Hip Hop. She is also a member of the Five Points Garden Collaborative installing urban gardens in Northeast Denver. She has training in Eco-Auditing, Aqua-Ponics and holds a B.A. in Interior Design from the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. She begins Permaculture training October 2012.


Through "the sensual movement" (her business and passion), Tanya Leake has dedicated herself to reaffirming a woman’s sensuality as a way to experience life with all of one’s senses. From her group dance and fitness classes to her nutritional training to her customer-acclaimed playshopsTM, she works women one-on-one and in small groups to develop personalized strategies for sensuality, balance and overall well being. After 18 years in corporate America recognizing each woman’s challenge in creating feminine balance, she developed a passion for supporting women in realizing their “sensual potential.”Tanya has studied various styles of dance since the age of 6 and believes music, dance and body movement are key components for sensuality, balance and overall well being. A performer with the SF-based Brazilian group Fogo Na Ropa, she holds a number of certifications including Zumba, Zumbatomic, natural health and female sexuality.


Linda Leaks is the Codirector of Empower DC and a long time advocate for affordable and humane housing in the district. Empower DCs mission is to enhance and improve the selfadvocacy of low income and working people in the District of Columbia in order to bring about sustained self improvement in their quality of life. Leaks will spotlight the role of public land in public housing and the imperative for public land to be used exclusively for public good.

Learning Initiative

ESLI is an enthusiastic collaboration between the Department of Children Youth and their Families (DCYF), San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and lead community based organizations Community Education Services (CES) and Global Exchange (GX)to bring critical environmental education through youth empoweredservice learning into high school classrooms throughout the city of SanFrancisco.


Leavitt has celebrated over 30 years of experience in the solar industry. The city's oldest and foremost companies specializing in solar hot water systems are Solar Service, Inc., (formerly Solar Energy Products, Inc.) and Solar Thermal Consultants. Both companies were founded and are headed by Leavitt. In 1977, Leavitt received the first solar contractor's license issued by Cook County and he designed and installed the Chicago area's first solar hot water system, which is still delivering hot water daily.

Since then, Leavitt's fullservice solar thermal consulting, design, and installation companies have had hundreds of satisfied Chicagoland customers, over 1,000 installations nationwide, and many international installations.

Their clients include numerous large commercial installations, such as the Chicago Fire Department, the Park District of Schiller Park, Frain Industries, and many residential and multifamily buildings. In 2006, Solar Service installed a solar thermal system for Governor State University, which produces 4500 gallons of hot water daily.

Leavitt has dedicated much of his life to the education and promotion of clean, renewable energy. He was a founder of the Illinois Solar Energy Industries Association and the Illinois Solar Contractors Association. He is a member of the Midwest Global Warming Leadership Council.

On April 22, 1970, Leavitt participated in the first Earth Day event in Chicago and in 1978 he organized Solar Day events. A renowned advocate for solar energy, Leavitt has spoken at numerous schools and community groups. LEavitt studied with Buckminster Fuller in 1975 and 1976, and with Dr. Erich Farber, the University of Florida solar pioneer.

Throughout the 1980's, Brandon produced hundreds of educational solar seminars for the public and trades. He was interviewed on National Public Radio in April 2004. Solar Service has cosponsored the very successful National Tour of Solar Homes throughout Evanston and other North Shore communities for several years.

In January, 2002, Solar Service Inc. moved into a new, larger facility in Niles to better serve the greater Chicago area's growing solar marketplace.


“Brandon Leavitt is the ‘North Star’ of the solar energy field,” stated Illinois Governor Pat Quinn at a 2009 renewable energy event. Leavitt has guided his company, Solar Service Inc. of Niles, Illinois, to becoming one of the United States’ largest privately owned solar thermal design and installation company specializing in residential, commercial and institutional systems.

Leavitt participated in the first Earth Day celebration in 1970. Studying with renowned architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller, he was inspired to form Solar Service in 1977. That same year he received the first solar contractor’s license granted by Cook County to install the State’s first solar hot water system still in operation today.

Brandon has founded or co-founded numerous renewable energy organizations and events and has presented hundreds of instructional seminars. He often speaks to students of all ages and offers “Lunch and Learn” solar instruction to professional and civic groups. A trusted and proven solar information source, Leavitt frequently appears on local and national television and radio shows, including NPR, and consults with municipalities and state governments.

Today, as Leavitt shares his vision, purpose and motivation with others, Solar Service Inc. continues to grow in size and stature in the business, civic and educational communities. The cliché ‘the sky’s the limit’ in no way applies to Brandon, who endeavors all to ‘Harvest the Sun.’™


Tia Lebherz is Food & Water Watch’s Bay Area Organizer. Based in Oakland, she works to engage activists and hold elected officials accountable on a range of issues across the state, including water privatization fights, fracking, and food issues such as factory farms and genetic engineering. Prior to joining Food & Water Watch, Tia completed Green Corps, the Field School for Environmental Organizing. During her time there she worked extensively in the Midwest on campaigns for clean energy and fair food. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from University of California, Santa Cruz, where her education focused on sustainable agriculture and environmental justice. She can be reached at tlebherz(at)fwwatch(dot)org.

As Education Program Manager, Laura Lee contributes to the coordination and supervision of Wingspan Arts Afterschool Programming. Laura Lee holds a BA in Performing Arts from Iowa State University and an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University.


Widely referred to as The Skin Clarifying Queen by Essence Magazine, JoElle is a popular lecturer and national educator in the skin care industry and is the Personal Esthetician to First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is is a Celebrity Esthetician & SkinCare Expert who has achieved status for her unique approach to common skin issues and conditions.

JoElle has developed her own skincare products and specific techniques for treating skin inside/out by combining her natural integrative approach with the science behind skincare. By improving the physical and emotional well being of the skin, she is able to achieve rapid optimal results.

As a highly regarded expert in the field, JoElle has been featured in beauty & fashion magazines and has been a featured guest on radio shows.

She has dedicated a lifetime to balanced natural beauty and combined her methods and expertise into a skincare regimen of premium products and services,


Jeanette Lehn grew up in Hayward, California. When she was younger, she enjoyed writing, was editorinchief of her high school yearbook, and created chapbooks to share with friends. She went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and graduated with a BA in English in 2004. Her senior thesis was on the poetry of George Oppen. While in Portland, she interned at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, and the Willamette Week Newspaper. The autumn after graduation, she moved to San Francisco to intern at Zoetrope Magazine. She spent a year as an administrative assistant at Law Finance Group prior to contributing to the team.


Hillary Lehr is Global Exchange’s Elect Democracy Campaign Director. Hillary has over a decade of experience in organizing, facilitation, nonviolent direct action theory and training, and a strong commitment to Indigenous solidarity and justice. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies. Her articles and activism have been featured by Yes! Magazine, Alternet, Care2, SFGate, East Bay Express, the Star-Tribune, Democracy Now!, KPFA, and others.


Michael Leifer is a serial entrepreneur and social media expert. He helps to design and execute integrative communication and engagement strategies to build and grow markets for brands, governmental agencies and causes. Michael CoFounded and Merged guerilla PR ( into influenceXchange earlier this year, which he ran for 9 years and which won the 2008 AdTech Best Social Media Marketing Campaign Award for their work with Wacom Bamboo which acquired 100 million impressions, 20,000 unique drawings and 2 million unique votes within 6 weeks. Some of guerilla's clients included: JohnsonDiversey, ShoreBank, Dwell Magazine, Bioneers, CocaCola, Sony, Nestle, General Mills, Red Bull, Warner Bros, Viacom, Atari, and others. Before guerilla PR, Michael CoFounded and was the Principle of C3live, a Webcasting and Syndication Company that partnered with Yahoo! and Microsoft to produce Alist celebritylaiden exclusive events and syndicated via Viacom companies such as MTV.

Michael is also the Executive Director Emeritus of Erin Brockovitch's ( which had the number 1 3 top search results on Yahoo! for cancer in 1999. Mr. Leifer was also a Founding Member of the UCLA, World Arts and Cultures Major and is the President Emeritus of the Honor's College ( Michael has been a 5 year Member of the Advisory Board for Curriculum Design at Ex'pression College ( and previously taught computer education and digital media at both National Computer Academy ( and at Williams College via Putney (

Michael is also the CoFounder of Eco Dads (, which will be launching in March of 2010, and for which the National Council of Science and the Environment is the Fiscal Sponsor ( His book Social Currency will be finished in 2010 and will be available for preorder in April.

Ecodads is a network of dads who serve as positive role models for our children. We build community programs that support sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Ecodads members are motivated catalysts for change.

How to Participate:Become a Member, invest consciously, put your money in the right local bank, build a community garden, green your child's school and youth sport teams, retrofit your neighborhood with solar, share your children's stories, suggest a new project, anchor a local chapter, start a EcoDad's clubhouse, join us on Facebook, followus on Twitter, dialinto our teleconferences, participate in an online rally and attend our webinar practical sustainability series.


Detroit, seen as ground zero for the current economic crisis, will host the Second U.S. Social Forum. As many as 20,000 people are expected to participate from June 2226, 2010. The Forum will provide a space to build relationships, learn from each other and share analysis of the problems we face. Local organizers from LELO and CAGJ help you learn how you can be a part of it.


Dr. Gabriela D. Lemus is the ViceChair of and cofounder of the National Latino Coalition on Climate Change (NLCCC). She is the first woman to hold the position of Executive Director at the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA). She was formerly Director of Policy and Legislation at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Prior to her work at LULAC, Dr. Lemus was an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis, San Diego State University, and the University of San Diego. While at LULAC, Dr. Lemus founded the LULAC Democracy Initiative Voter Project, a national Hispanic civic participation campaign focused on voter education, registration and getoutthevote.

Currently, in her work at LCLAA, Dr. Lemus advocates for Latino workers and families, with a specific focus on issues related to globalization, trade, and immigration; U.S.Latin American relations, and ending border militarization and vigilantism among others. She is the founder of Latinos for a Secure Retirement a campaign to fight the privatization of Social Security and has begun groundbreaking work on universal health care reform; climate change and job growth.


Elected to the Senate in 2008, Senator Mark Leno represents the 3rd District, which includes Marin, portions of San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. He is the first openly gay man elected to the State Senate, and one of the first two openly gay men ever elected to the Assembly. Prior to his election to the Senate, he served six years in the State Assembly and four and a half years on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. While in the Assembly, Leno fought for better schools and access to higher education, a cleaner and sustainable environment, single-payer universal affordable and quality health care, improved transportation, renewable energy, safer streets and equal rights for all Californians. His AB 849 in 2005 and AB 43 in 2007 were the first two marriage equality bills passed by both houses of any state legislature in the United States allowing LGBT couples to marry. A native of Wisconsin, Leno attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to become valedictorian of his graduating class at the American College of Jerusalem, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree. Leno also spent two years in Rabbinical Studies at The Hebrew Union College in New York. He is the owner of Budget Signs, Inc., a small business he founded in 1978 and operated with his life partner, Douglas Jackson. Together, the two entrepreneurs steadily grew their sign business until Jackson passed away from complications relating to HIV/AIDS in 1990. This deep loss would not deter Leno. Instead, he redoubled his efforts in community service.


Camille Leon is the Founder and Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC), an emerging national organization developed to bring the holistic business community together and to pool resources from holistic professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs and business owners. She has been featured in various media outlets, including the Holistic Success Show and the Santa Monica Observer. As a holistic entrepreneur herself, Camille believes in health and happiness for our planet and the people living here. She continues to learn and experiment with new business tools and techniques in order to save HCC members time and money, while helping them to focus their energy where it will be most effective. Pulling together twenty years of Public Relations and Promotions experience, her commitment and expertise will build the HCC and the holistic business community into a growing movement offering solutions to those who need them on an individual, local and national level.


Aya de Leon is the Director of June Jordan's Poetry for the People program, teaching poetry and spoken word at UC Berkeley. Her work has received acclaim in the Village Voice, Washington Post, American Theatre Magazine, and has been featured on Def Poetry, and in Essence Magazine. She was named best discovery in theater by the SF Chronicle for "Thieves in the Temple : The Reclaiming of Hip Hop," a solo show about fighting sexism and commercialism in hip hop. In 2004, she received a Goldie award from the SF Bay Guardian in spoken word for “Thieves…” and her subsequent show “Aya de Leon is Running for President.” She has also been voted "Slamminest Poet" in the East Bay Express. She is currently working on two novels: a New York feminist heist caper, and a spy novel where the FBI infiltrates an eco-racial justice organization in the Bay Area.


Annie has dedicated nearly two decades to investigating and organizing on environmental health and justice issues. Prior to creating and releasing The Story of Stuff in December 2007, she worked with the Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption, GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives), Health Care Without Harm, Essential Action and Greenpeace International. She currently serves on the boards of GAIA and Public Citizen, and has previously served on the boards of the Public Citizen, Grassroots Recycling Network, Environmental Health Fund, Global Greengrants India and Greenpeace India. Annie’s first book—The Story of Stuff—was published by Free Press (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) in March 2010.

Leonard Robinson

Leonard E. Robinson hosts a weekly talk radio show called “Going Green With EnviroBro” that broadcast on Sacramento radio station KDEE 97.5FM and streams world-wide on the internet at" target="_blank">"> Robinson is the proud father of three children and a grandfather. He is a much sought-after speaker and lecturer combining environmental passion; business acumen and a sense of humor. He recently joined Strategic Counsel where he heads up the sustainability practice for the firm.
He previously was Acting Director for the Cal/EPA–Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) under the Governors Brown and Schwarzenegger administrations.

Prior to his state service, Mr. Robinson was the Environmental/Safety Manager at TAMCO Steel, California’s only steel mill. There he created a program that recycled used oil filters into steel reinforcing bar (rebar). He also started “Project Isaiah,” in which confiscated firearms delivered by southern California law enforcement agencies were also recycled into rebar.


Lerch is one of the founding partners of Caf


Peace Bees started as a 4-H project that grew into honey bee advocacy. Alex is a five-time 4-H County Grand Champion beekeeper. In 2007, she began visiting elementary classrooms teaching about honey bees, which led to her winning the 2007 Indiana Beekeepers Association Young Beekeeper of the Year. In 2009, the demand for Alex’s appearances grew far beyond her availability, so she put her curriculum materials on a website where teachers and beekeepers could access them. Alex’s efforts led to her receiving Indiana Lt. Governor’s 2010 Hoosier Rising Star Award and the 2010 Indiana AXA Equitable Achievement Scholarship; she reigned as the 2011 Indiana Honey Princess and finalist for the Gloria Barron prize for Young Heroes. Peace Bees has formed a partnership with" target="_blank">The Unity Gardens of St. Joseph County (Indiana) to bring bees to urban gardens and provide classes. Alex is a sophomore Pre-Veterinary student at Purdue University.


Leson was born in Cologne Germany and came to California in 86 to get a doctorate in environmental science and Engineering from UCLA. He has more than 20 years of project experience in the fields of environmental technology and management, the sustainable use of renewable resources, such as industrial hemp, and in recent years in international development projects.

As Dr. Bronners Director of Special Operations, Leson coordinates the conversion of Dr. Bronners raw materials for soaps and cosmetics to sources that are certified as organic and fair trade. Initial projects include a coconut oil mill in Sri Lanka that purchases from familyowned estates, a smallholder project for palm oil in Ghana and close cooperation with Canaan Fair Trade, a company in the West Bank that purchases olive oil from more than 1500 smallholders organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Project activities are diverse. They involve grower recruitment and certification, the selection of technology, construction, management of production teams and suppliers, development of organic fertilizer supplies and trying to find out whats fair? and what to do about it?


Lessig is a professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society. Prior to joining the Stanford faculty, he was the Berkman Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and a professor at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lessig represented website operator Eric Eldred in the groundbreaking case Eldred v. Ashcroft, a challenge to the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. He has won numerous awards, including the Free Software Foundation's Freedom Award, and was named one of Scientific American's Top 50 Visionaries for arguing against interpretations of copyright that could stifle innovation and discourse online.

Lessig is the author of Free Culture (2004), The Future of Ideas (2001) and Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace (1999). He chairs the Creative Commons project, and serves on the board of the Free Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Public Library of Science, and Public Knowledge. He is also a columnist for Wired.

Lessig earned a BA in economics and a BS in management from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in philosophy from Cambridge, and a JD from Yale. Professor Lessig teaches and writes in the areas of constitutional law, contracts and the law of cyberspace.

Let Us Rise

Let Us Rise is coordinating a grassroots campaign acrossColorado to envision the kind of communities, Colorado, US and world wewant to live in. Over thirty groups have already hosted VisioningCircles and published their visions for change on our Website.Once we reach a critical mass, we will engage participants in ademocratic process to create a shared vision for Colorado, and anaction plan to implement it.

We are independent of any political party. We believe our true powerlies in transcending the ways in which we are divided, in finding ourshared vision and shared humanity. All are welcome here.

Gather your friends, family, neighbors together in a VisioningCircle of your own! Or do one with your organization, congregation, orbusiness. We will provide facilitators if you wish.

Imagine the power of creating a shared vision for change. Imaginewhat we can do if each one of us takes responsibility for the power wehave to create our world anew.

We do not know if this kind of campaign has ever been tried beforein the U.S. We do know that it worked powerfully in South Africa. Infact, it catalyzed the movement for liberation there.

This process started in Colorado, and we are focused on creating ashared vision for Colorado. But if you are from another state and wantto participate, you are welcome to do so!


Jon A. Levey, executive vice president and chief lending officer at GreenChoice Bank, is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and a seasoned executive with 20 years of real estate, finance and entrepreneurial expertise.

An active proponent of community service, Levey, serves as a member of the board of directors for The Delta Institute, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) – Illinois Chapter, The Standard Club, and the North Shore Center for Performing Arts Foundation and is an advisory board member for Community Partners for Affordable Housing. He also lends his expertise as a member of the loan committee tasked with distributing proceeds of a federal Community & Economic Development Grant from the Office of Community Services in the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Local Economic and Employment Development Council (LEED Council) received the grant to benefit tenants of the Chicago-based Green Exchange who agree to hire federally designated low-income or otherwise disadvantaged individuals.

Levey earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where he also completed his undergraduate studies. He is a licensed real estate broker and has earned the GREEN designation from the National Association of REALTORS® Green REsource Council.

GreenChoice Bank is the first community bank of its kind in the Midwest implementing core values that are designed to enhance the environmental, social and financial well-being of our communities and the planet, offering a values-based choice in banking to consumers and businesses. Conscious about more than your money, GreenChoice Bank marries contemporary sustainability with a relationship-driven approach to providing financial products and services. GreenChoice Bank’s flagship location in Chicago’s Green Exchange building is expected to be the first LEED Platinum community bank location in the Midwest, and one of only a few in the country. Its branch facilities in Cicero and Lockport, Ill are also currently seeking LEED certification. For information about GreenChoice Bank’s products and services, please visit online at

" target="_blank">">


Andreas Levi has been at Rainbow Grocery for over four years which have been the happiest years of his life. He can usually be found behind the cheese counter and also serves on Rainbow's ecology committee. He hopes to start working on his master's of city planning at UC Berkeley next fall.Andreas Levi has been at Rainbow Grocery for over four years which have been the happiest years of his life. He can usually be found behind the cheese counter and also serves on Rainbow's ecology committee. He hopes to start working on his master's of city planning at UC Berkeley next fall.


Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., is director of nutrition education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine though good nutrition. Ms. Levin researches and writes about the connection between plant-based diets and a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Ms. Levin received her Master of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. There, she focused on clinical counseling for a variety of nutrition-related issues. After receiving her master's degree, Ms. Levin completed a dietetic internship at Bastyr University and became a registered dietitian. Her internship rotations included work on HIV/AIDS issues in the public health sector, clinical work at the Swedish Medical Center, and counseling of diabetic patients at the Joslin Diabetes Center.
She received her bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


David Levine is the cofounder and executive director of the American Sustainable Business Council, a growing coalition of business networks committed to public policies that promote a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy. Its organizational members represent over 50,000 businesses and social enterprises, and more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, owners, executives, investors, and business professionals.David Levine is the cofounder and executive director of the American Sustainable Business Council, a growing coalition of business networks committed to public policies that promote a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy. Its organizational members represent over 50,000 businesses and social enterprises, and more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, owners, executives, investors, and business professionals.


As a member of the SRI Wealth Management Group, a full service wealth advisory group that specializes in Socially Responsible Investing, Joshua works with individual investors, small businesses and nonprofits to provide highly customized financial and investment solutions. Joshua prides himself in establishing a consultative relationship with his clients to preserve their wealth, create a comprehensive financial plan and develop a properly diversified portfolio. He then strives to empower his clients to make investment decisions that are in line with their personal ethics, without sacrificing return. Joshua is actively involved in environmental and social organizations in the community. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Urban" target="_blank">">Urban Releafand the Green" target="_blank">">Green Chamber of Commerce. He received a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the UCLA, and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from the Donald Bren School at UCS


Joe Levine is Principal in the NYC firm of Bone/Levine Architects, which upgrades urban infrastructure and consults to the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. He is the co-founder and Director of NYH2O and board member of Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, two grass roots nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating the public about the danger of unconventional natural gas extraction and creating a better path to a sustainable future.


Founded and developed Doctor Delivery in 2002 which is the third party delivery service for over 100 restaurants in the Washington DC region. Levine founded Hybrid Pedals," target="_blank">"> His company Hybrid Pedals and" target="_blank">"> also controls the distribution rights to several other e-bikes including," target="_blank">">, and several other reputable e-bike manufacturers though several sister companies for the metro area and all GSA- DOD nationally and internationally along with all Restaurant Delivery Vehicles. He is the master licensee of" target="_blank">"> for the Washington Metro region and all sporting and endurance events

Levine has recently been the spearhead in forming Seamless Solar Solutions, a company dedicated to finding and developing better and more functional solar charging applications for the LEV and E-bike industries and to create a retail solar products store. He is the founding member of the Safety and Health Foundation, a non- profit entity, that sponsors endurance events and provides many services for the safety and health of the community. Seamless Solar Solaurtons developed a fully solar EMS vehicle that is still in beta testing phases. It is completely off the grid and can haul bodies in an attached trialer gurney and has refrigeration capabilities as well.


Alison Rose Levy broke the fracking story on Huffington and provided ongoing coverage. The host of ConnecttheDots on the Progressive Radio Network, Alison also covers food safety, toxic chemicals, organics, and integrative health, to connect wellbeing, social policy, and activism for health and the environment. Join her on Facebook at:

" target="_blank">">

Alison Rose Levy is a much-published writer with 20+ years experience creating communications for major media, focusing on integrative health, lifestyle, yoga, psychology, and spiritual transformation in such publications as O Magazine, Organic Style, Alternative Therapies, The Townsend Newsletter, Yoga Journal, Body and Soul, Spirituality & Health, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Body, Mind, Spirit, and First for Women.

Alison has written several New York Times bestsellers, working with physicians and medical experts. She also served as Senior Health Editor of New Age Journal, and was Executive Producer for Trinity Church Wall Street, developing health programming for the Odyssey Channel and producing The Real Bottom Line, a weekly issues program that aired on Odyssey and was hosted by Jim Hartz. That show featured such prominent guests as Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Professor Robert Thurman. Formerly creating prime-time magazine coverage for CBS News, Alison worked with Charles Kuralt, Ed Bradley, and Deborah Norville and was special editor to Bill Geist. Alison has also produced prime-time cultural and news specials for PBS and the Smithsonian Institution.

Alison’s work as a health journalist has familiarized her with the science (and art) of integrative medicine, the issues of public policy impacting health care, and the differing philosophies, values, and perspectives of both integrative and conventional medicine. In addition, Alison has broad familiarity and training in a wide range of integrative approaches, and has interviewed a wide range of the most prominent physicians and practitioners who offer and teach them.

A New York native, Alison also draws upon her wealth of health knowledge in her practice as a Lifestyle Coach and facilitator of Family Constellations.


Davidson Lewis is the CEO and founder of Ecologic Designs, Inc., an award winning ecomanufacturer that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sustainable products that reduce the impact of discarded materials by transforming the waste into unique, stylish and durable products.

Davidson grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a passion for work and play within the surf, bike and outdoor recreation culture. Through his work in bike, surf and outfitter shops, Davidson became seriously concerned about the waste associated with the adventure sports he loves because of the negative impacts on the great outdoors. In the effort to make a positive change within the industry, Davidson earned a BA in Industrial Design from the Virginia Tech School of Architecture. He went on to provide design work for a variety of companies including Swim Ways, Kelsyus, Case Logic, and Aerogrow International. Throughout these valuable experiences, Davidson learned how essential the development of a new, sustainable model for the design and manufacture of consumer products is to the environment. With a clear vision for the future of ecological business practices and strong motivation to aid the earth, Davison became an ecoentrepreneur and founded Ecologic Designs, Inc. to combat the growing crisis with a solution.

Davidson leads the Ecologic Designs Inc. design department for the consumer brands Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear and actively contributes to executive business development. He strives to create a sustainable business model to make the future greener, one material at a time.

Mitch Lewis is enjoying his third year with Wingspan and continues to branch out beyond his collegiate background in musical theatre and now enjoys teaching a broad range of classes from Eco-Art to Knitting. He is also the Co-Creator of the YouTube Channel: The Kloons.



Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1977, John grew up in St. Louis, MO. At a young age, he excelled in football and basketball. He continued his streak of athletic excellence throughout his high school and college years in Mc Cluer Senior High and Harris-Stowe State College respectively. Graduating with a Bachelors degree in marketing, he later went on to pursue his MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is now working on finishing his Master’s in Health Education to later go on to start his PhD in Holistic Sports and Nutrition. John’s education in business coupled with his love for health and fitness gave him the ability to start his venture – Bad Ass Vegan – a health and nutrition company that strives to educate individuals on plant based nutrition.

Lewis Perkins

A long-time advocate for “doing the right thing,” Lewis Perkins is a champion for sustainability – personally and professionally. Prior to joining the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Lewis consulted to companies both big and small on creating programs and awareness for environmental and social initiatives. Perkins led the "green" charge as director of sustainable strategies for The Mohawk Group, a leading carpet manufacturer and commercial division of Mohawk Industries. He continues draw on this passion and experience to help advance the Institute’s mission of scaling Cradle to Cradle Product Certification worldwide.

Over the past two decades, Perkins has served in a strategic role with such organizations as The Clean Air Campaign, 360i, USWeb/ CKS and The Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center. Perkins holds a Master of Business Administration in marketing and strategy with a focus on social responsibility from Emory University and a Bachelor of Arts from Washington & Lee University.

His passion for nonprofit work has put him in an advisory or leadership role with EarthShare of Georgia, The Green Chamber of The South, The Captain Planet Foundation and Sustainable Life Media. Perkins has been a featured speaker on sustainability at 2009 Forbes Magazine Green Visionary Series, Sustainable Brands, LOHAS Forum, The White House Council for Environmental Quality GreenGov Symposium in 2010 and for the 53rd & 54th Annual Grammy Awards Green Summit panel.


Jason is currently attending his sophomore year of high school at Saratoga High. He is constantly motivated to do his part of reducing carbon emissions and saving energy. Sparked by an economics teacher at his high school, he now strives to help others save energy and recycle as well as educating other students and younger kids about going green. Raised in the Bay Area, he is naturally influenced by business, technology and a variety of different ethnicity and languages. Along with being a strong advocate for both reusing and energy efficiency, he also co-founded, a website that helps people trade in old electronics for cash. was recently launched in promise to be a rewarding, safe, simple and responsible way to reuse or recycle old gadgets. Jason also represents The Enlighten Culture and Education foundation for the Santa Clara County Energy Watch Grant. As much as he loves nature, he wishes to pass his love for the environment to others. Being fluent in Mandarin and literate in Chinese, he wishes to use his skills to educate students and motivate the Chinese community of the Bay Area to do their part to help sustain and reduce unnecessary wastes for our planet.

Lichtenstein is the Vice President of Sustainable West Seattle, an organization committed to creatinga West Seattle community of empowered citizens who actively lead us toward greater selfreliance, local democracy, social justice, and existence in harmony with life on earth.


Brooklyn native Mike Lieberman is the creator of Lieberman is a hip hop loving, glam rock bump'n, raw food eating, urban gardener.Through his site, and through social media, Mike Lieberman inspires and empowers people to start growing their own food and reconnect with their food source. Lieberman believes that growing just one herb or vegetable will make a difference. It will help to cut back the intensive resources that go into the production and transport of food to our plates. It will also help us to re-establish our connection with food that we've lost over the past few years. We are humans. We grow food.


Anthony Lilore has earned a BFA in Fashion Design -PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, BA in Psychology and Art History –VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY. He has worked in a design and technical capacity for BILL BLASS, PERRY ELLIS and “Club Monaco” and the upper echelon of the Cosmetic and Spa Industries.

With wife, Celeste, he co-founded RESTORE™CLOTHING to blend their vision of social and environmental responsibility with a commitment to producing mindful, timeless, versatile active lifestyle collections in NYC. Lilore is a founding board member of SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER and lecturer/teacher of design and sustainability at FIT and other internationally recognized universities.


Dr. Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the board of the Center of the American West at CU, where she is also a Professor of History. Limerick has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between academics and the general public and to demonstrating the benefits of applying historical perspective to contemporary dilemmas and conflicts.

Limerick has received a number of awards and honors recognizing the impact of her scholarship and her commitment to teaching, including the MacArthur Fellowship and the Hazel Barnes Prize, CU's highest award for teaching and research. She has served as president of several professional organizations, advised documentary and film projects, and done two tours as a Pulitzer NonFiction jurist. She regularly engages the public on the oped pages of local and national newspapers, and in the summer of 2005 she served as a guest columnist for the New York Times.


Lisa has been a community organizer in Prince George's County for the past 5 years. She has done organizing around environmental and social justice issues primarily with Progressive Cheverly, a local, grassroots advocacy and education organization. This organizing led her to her two current positions: Founder and President of Green reVisions, LLC, a small green business in Prince George's County and the CoDirector of the Prince George's Green Power Coalition. Green reVisions, LLC assists municipalities, businesses and organizations with sustainability efforts. In 2008, Lisa, along with Sen. Harrington and Mayor Ortiz, formed the Prince George's Green Power Coalition, a volunteer coalition consisting of union, faith, business, grassroots, and youth groups along with elected officials, working to transition Prince George's to a green economy. Lisa also works parttime as Legislative Aide for MD State Senator Paul Pinsky.

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith is the Sustainable Programs Manager for the Colorado Convention Center.


Anthony Lindsey, a C3 Leader, is involved in the Environmental Leadership program since 2009. His leadership has been evident through his extensive participation in the Low-Cost Weatherization Program. Anthony isC3′s “go-to” weatherization volunteer. In addition to organizing and facilitating three weatherization workshops, Anthony has lead several community speaking engagements through theC3 Speakers Bureau. In 2010, Anthony spoke about weatherization at four community events: Family Eco Night at Pulaski Academy, 7500 S. Clyde Block Club Weatherization Workshop, Bethlehem Star Energy Fair, and Green Festival. Anthony’s main objective is “Clean and Safe” and lives by this sentiment “Prevent, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!”


Chris Lindstrom is one of the founders of" target="_blank">Berkshares, a local currency in the Berkshires, and has organized a number of prominent conferences on transforming the money system, including The Economics of Peace in Sonoma, California, that featured Vandana Shiva, David Korten and James K. Galbraith.

Lineage Dance Troupe

Lineage Dance is a contemporary dance company dedicated to raising support and awareness to nonprofits as well as to making the arts accessible to all. Founded in 1999, Lineage has performed for hundreds of nonprofits across the country. In 2010 the company opened the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Old Pasadena as a community hub dedicated to supporting community awareness through the arts.


Joe Linton is an artist, authorand activist living in Koreatown. He has been a longtime advocate for the revitalization and restoration of the Los Angeles River, serving in various capacities as volunteer, board and staff for the Friends of the Los Angeles River. He’s done additional river advocacy through work for The City Project, Urban Semillas, Occidental College’s Urban and Environmental Policy Institute and while serving as a Council Deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Ed Reyes. He’s lead hundreds of walks and tours of the river and its tributaries, and has advocated for parks, landscape, bike paths, master plans, water quality enhancements and much more. Linton wrote and illustrated Down by the Los Angeles River: Friends of the Los Angeles River’s Official Guide, published by Wilderness Press in 2005. Linton was recognized in LA Weekly’s 2006 people issue as the river’s unofficial “minister of access.”


Thomas is an attorney and executive director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.


Julia Liou is the Director of Program Planning and Development for Asian Health Services (AHS), a community health center in Oakland Chinatown that provides health care services and client advocacy to the underserved Asian population in Alameda County. At AHS, she oversees program planning and grants, as well as coordinates various community projects. As its co-founder, Julia also manages the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, a statewide effort to address the health and safety issues nail salon workers face in their work environment. In addition, Julia has managed the Revive Chinatown! project, a community transportation and urban planning effort; coordinated the capital implementation of Revive Chinatown!; and has published peer reviewed articles related to pedestrian safety and community health workers. Most recently, she coordinated a community engagement project related to the City of Oakland’s Lake Merritt Specific Planning process, which seeks to ensure community input into this proposed development planning process.


Pamela Lippe is a principal of" target="_blank">e4, inc. and an innovative professional with 15 years as a green building consultant and over 35 years in environment and communication. She was the consultant to The Durst Organization on the first “green” skyscraper built in the US and continues to work on most Durst projects including the new 2.2 million sf Bank of America Tower at 1 Bryant Park, which recently achieved LEED Platinum. Her work helps ensure that environmental quality and building performance are achieved in a timely and cost-effective manner and she has extensive experience with large projects ranging from 500,000 sf to over 10 million. Current clients include Simon Property Group, TIAA-CREF and Forest City Ratner for Atlantic Yards. Her practice includes office, residential (multi-unit and single family), retail, sports, arts, university and many other building types. She is currently working with LEED-NC, LEED-CS, LEED-CI, LEED-ND and LEED-EB. She lectures regularly at conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally.

For twenty-two years, Ms. Lippe has served as executive director of" target="_blank">Earth Day New York (EDNY), a 501(c) 3 non-profit educational organization and currently serves as its President. Earth Day New York annually organizes the largest Earth Day events in the country beginning in 1990 with the 20th anniversary of Earth Day in NYC that engaged about two million people. Since 1996, EDNY has targeted a number of its educational campaigns to the real estate community including seven highly-acclaimed Lessons Learned publications distributed broadly throughout the industry. Ms. Lippe was one of the co-founders of the national and international Earth Day Network and regularly launches Earth Day programs that reach well beyond New York.


Gary Liss, Mayor of Loomis, CA, is a leading advocate of Zero Waste in the United States. He has helped draft more Zero Waste Plans for communities than anyone else in America, including: Palo Alto, Oakland, Burbank, and Del Norte County, CA; Austin, TX; Telluride, CO; and Nelson, BC. He is now working on Zero Waste Plans for the City of Los Angeles, the City of Alameda, CA and Arkadelphia, AR. He was recently invited to be a technical resource person for the Clinton Climate Initiative to assist on major urban projects. He has drafted Global Principles for Zero Waste Communities, documented Zero Waste Businesses, and developed Zero Waste Business Principles. He has also helped organize the Zero Waste International Alliance, the national Zero Waste Committee of the Sierra Club and is a certified ZERI System Designer. Mr. Liss was a founder and past President of the National Recycling Coalition and was selected by the California Resource Recovery Association as Recycler of the Year in 2005.


Eric Liu is the author of Guiding Lights: How to Mentor and Find Life's Purpose, the Official Book of National Mentoring Month. He is also the author of The Accidental Asian: Notes of a Native Speaker, a New York Times Notable Book featured in the PBS documentary Matters of Race, and he edited the Norton anthology Next: Young American Writers on the New Generation. Eric served as a speechwriter for President Clinton in the first term and as White House deputy domestic policy adviser in the second. After the White House, he was an executive at the digital media company RealNetworks. He's also been a frequent commentator on CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. In 2002, Eric was named by the World Economic Forum one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow. He lives in Seattle, where he teaches at the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs and hosts an acclaimed television interview program called Seattle Voices.


LivingstonStark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer and speaker.

LivingstonStark has been teaching internationally and working professionally in the land management, regenerative design and permaculture development field for 25 years and has extensive experience in all phases of ecologically sound design and construction as well as the use of natural nontoxic building materials. LivingstonStark specializes in site planning and the design of resourcerich landscapes integrating, rainwater collection, edible and medicinal planting, spring development, pond and water systems, habitat development and watershed restoration for homes, cohousing communities, businesses and diverse yield perennial farms.

With her husband James Stark, and in collaboration with Commonweal a cancer health research and retreat center LivingstonStark comanages a 17acre certified organic and certified salmonsafe farm in Bolinas, California, called the Commonweal Garden. In addition, the Starks are stewarding and working to restore 200 acres of land in Trinity County, California.

LivingstonStark cocreated the Ecological Design Program and its curriculum at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, and she cofounded the West Marin Grower's Group, the West Marin Farmer's Market and the Community Land Trust Association of Marin. LivingstonStark has also worked with the Marin County Community Development Agency and Planning Department to develop recommendations on sustainability for updating the Community Plan.

LivingstonStark is a founding member of the Natural Building Colloquium, a national consortium of professional natural builders, creating innovations in straw bale, cob, timberframe, light clay, natural nontoxic interior finishes and other methods using natural and bioregionally appropriate materials for construction.


Christina is the DC Green Festivals intern and is pursuing a B.A. of International Affairs sat the George Washington University. She became involved in the fair trade movement in 2004 and is now serving as MidAtlantic Regional Coordinator for United Students for Fair Trade. Christina has also been active on trade justice issues and was a member of the national steering committee for the Student Trade Justice Campaign from 20062007.

Susan Lloyd has kept and wintered Top Bar Hives in DC and in Maine for 3 years, and specializes in the use of integrated pest management and organic techniques and equipment. She has devised an innovative tool for helping TBH hives winter locally that she will share with us.

Lloyd Martin

Chef Lloyd has over 30 years of cooking experience. He graduated from The Great Chicago Food Depository Culinary Arts Program. Cooking vegan foods and creating out of this world fruit smoothies and healthy drinks are his forte. He has created vegan cream pies, cakes, cookies, and patties that meat lovers are not ashamed to say, "seconds please!"


FrankLocantoredirects the Better Paper Project (" target="_blank">"> for Green America, and assists magazine publishers’ efforts to create and implement environmentally responsible paper use practice that help the magazines’ brand while protecting the environment. Better Paper uses a cooperative approach that combines direct publisher assistance with positive promotions through the Aveda Environmental Awards for Magazines, and bookstore promotions at Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million,, and airport and independent bookstores.Locantoreand the Better Paper Project demonstrate that high-quality and cost-competitive environmental papers are available for magazines and have been cited by journalists from such varied publications as the New York Times, Folio: magazine, E magazine, Publishing Executive, CNN/Fortune, AdAge, PBS’s Media Shift, Grist, and Ecorazzi among other TV, radio, and print stories.


Jill K. Locantore, AICP, is a Planning Communications Specialist at the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), a regional planning agency. DRCOG works to protect and enhance the quality of life in the Denver region by fostering collaboration among more than 50 county and municipal governments. Ms. Locantores work focuses on raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing the Denver region as it plans for the future, and providing stakeholders meaningful opportunities to participate in the regional planning process. Previously, she worked as a transportation planner for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments in Washington, DC, and as a communications specialist for the National Academy of Sciences. She has a masters degree in community planning from the University of Maryland and a masters degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Toronto. A Colorado native, Ms. Locantore has lived in great cities all over the world, and now resides in Denver with her husband Frank and their dogs Stella and Schofield.


Peter Locke is a Cofounder and Managing Director of TerraLocke Sustainability Consultants, a business consulting company that integrates sustainability concepts into an organization's strategy and operations.

In addition to his work on various business, nonprofit, and public sector sustainability focused projects, Locke is also involved in public policy and green school's efforts in the Chicagoland area.

He chairs the Chicago Sustainability Business Alliance's (CSBA) Public Policy Committee and is the Public Policy Liaison for the CSBA to the City of Chicago. As liaison he participates on three City of Chicago sustainabilityfocused task forces: Chicago Green Business Certification Standard; Green Retail; and CoDelivery. Locke is also working to bring Property Assessed Clean Energy financing, which his 2010 Green Festival talk discusses, to the state of Illinois.

Locke also chairs the Edgewater Community Council's Green School's Committee, is a member of the Chicago Public School's Environmental Action Plan task force, and participates on two CPS school green teams.

He holds Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier, LEED AP, and RESNET Energy Rater certifications. He is also working with the Village of Schaumburg and Home Services and Consulting to conduct ~120 home energy audits.

Locke regularly speaks on a range of sustainability topics including presentations for Green Festival, International Council of Shopping Centers, Chicago Center for Green Technology, Uncommon Ground, Loyola University, and Columbia College.


How do we keep working for change in these difficult times, and overcome our political demoralization and frustration? Loeb has spent thirtyfive years researching and writing about citizen responsibility and empowermentasking what makes some people choose lives of social commitment, while others abstain. With over a hundred thousand copies in print, Loeb's Soul of a Citizen has become a classic handbook for budding activists, veteran organizers, and anyone who wants to make their voices heard and actions count. It's inspired thousands of citizens as an antidote to powerlessness and despair. Eleven years after Soul's original publication, St Martin's has published a wholly updated new edition addressing the challenges and opportunities of our very different time. Loeb is also the author of The Impossible Will Take a Little While, which was named the #3 political book of 2004 by the History Channel and the American Book Association.

Loeb is also the author of three other books including Soul of a Citizen (St Martin's Press), and The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear (Basic Books, August 2004). The History Channel and American Book Association named The Impossible the #3 political book of 2004. Loeb has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Utne Reader, Mother Jones, Psychology Today, The Nation, Christian Science Monitor, and Mother Earth News. Loeb has been interviewed on CNN, NPR, CSPAN, Pacifica, NBC news, the BBC, and national German, Australian, and Canadian radio. Loeb lectures at colleges and conferences nationwide.


Janet has worked at the cafe for two years. Over this time, she overcame a past of gang involvement and has gained skills in the kitchen and in the mini-farms. She is a talented young woman and loving mother to her daughter.


Maurice is working with several cocoa cooperatives in the Ivory Coast to help them become Fair Trade certified. He is also very involved in farmers’ education against child labor and slavery in the plantation. Maurice worked in investment banking for 16 years.


John Lombard is the author of Saving Puget Sound and is a senior policy analyst at AMEC Earth and Environmental and at the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation.


Long, executive director and cofounder of Sustainable Connections, has experience starting and growing several organizations that support missiondriven, small and mediumsized business.


Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs Global Warming, is one of the leading young voices on the issue of climate change, calling the "ruling generation" to consider the needs of his and future generations in their actions.Kids vs Global Warming is focused on empowering young leaders to influence the transition to a sustainable and just society through leadership programs such as the iMatter Council of Youth and a global campaign called the iMatter March - a youth march spanning over 40 countries and 160 cities worldwide. Now, 17 years old and entering his senior year of high school in Ventura CA, Alec has been a climate change activist for 4 years and spoken to over 200,000 people on panels with experts, in presentations at schools, museums, conferences and the UN. His work has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, Discovery Channel, Fox News, Mother Jones, Good Magazine, National Geographic, NY Times and in hundreds of blogs and articles.


Lopez serves as deputy chief of staff in the office of King County Executive Ron Sims and leads the climate change action team, a task force empowered to create and implement global climate change policies.


Born and raised in Denver's Westside, Denver City Councilman Paul D. L


Ervin Lopez serves on the Board of Directors of Chicago Fair Trade, an advocacy organization that works to increase support for fair trade in the Chicago metro area through education, advocacy and targeted consumer campaigns. He's a graduate of DePaul University, SNL class of 2009 and obtained a BA focused on International Business. He also serves on the Chicagoland Chapter Committee with DePaul Alumni Association. Ervin frequently travels to Guatemala as a volunteer to teach English to children and adults with an NGO called Los Patojos. He's a passionate supporter of the Fair Trade movement.


Jane Lorand is the cofounder of the GreenMBA program at Dominican University of California, and teaches the Critical Thinking/Systemic Thinking for Redesign of Businesses. She also teaches Diffusion of Innovation. As a successful entrepreneur, Jane brings a background in tax law, elementary teaching, the energy sector and she has raised five children. Pioneering new ways of business built on more effective perception and thinking strategies is her passion, and she works around the world with companies and educational efforts.