Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance was born in response to a request from the Achuar, an indigenous people deep in the Amazon region of Ecuador. The Achuar made the courageous decision to seek a partnership with people from the industrialized world who would work with them in protecting their rainforest home and their traditional way of life. Out of this unique partnership, it has become evident that indigenous wisdom and insight offer enormous value in addressing the complex issues that we face in our modern world.

Their mission is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and cultureand, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.


Pacheco is an independent producer and director focusing on global health, environmental, and cultural issues.


Padilla was born in Mexico, Jalisco and came to the United States at the age of two. Padilla moved to Seattle Washington as a 10th grader and currently a Senior at Chief Sealth High School.

Padilla is ASB Vice President and Activities Representative of MECH/LA the Latino Hispanic Student club at Chief Sealth. Padilla is a student activist for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigation reform. He travelled to Washington D.C. on the March For America on March 21, 2010 and was also the student representative speaker on the Rally on April 10 for a Comprhensive Immigration Reform. Next year Padilla will be attending the University of Washington to major in Political Science and Business Administration and then going into Law School.


Lincoln Pain, the president of Effective Assets, is a certified financial planner practitioner (CFP) and an accredited investment fiduciary consultant (AIF). He has specialized in socially responsible investing (SRI) since 1986; he has served on the board of the national Social Investment Forum (SIF), a professional organization committed to promoting the concept, practice and growth of social investing, and is currently the chair of the Northern California Chapter, the Bay Area Social Investment Forum (BASIF). He has been a member of the First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN) since 1988 and is a registered principal and the manager of a Cambridge Investment Group branch office in Berkeley, California.Lincoln is a lifelong social activist. He went to jail in Mississippi in 1965, as a Freedom Worker with SNCC for Civil Rights. In 1969 he participated in the first work brigade to Cuba, the Venceremos Brigade. He participated in the 1990 International Peace Walk across The Ukraine and was the cofounder of the Shareholder Action Network. He has been in jail nine times for activism concerning civil rights and the struggle against the war in VietNam. Lincoln is the investment advisor to and, as a representative of First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN) he is the investment consultant for Amnesty International, USA, and other institutions, labor union locals, etc.Lincoln Pain, the president of Effective Assets, is a certified financial planner practitioner (CFP) and an accredited investment fiduciary consultant (AIF). He has specialized in socially responsible investing (SRI) since 1986; he has served on the board of the national Social Investment Forum (SIF), a professional organization committed to promoting the concept, practice and growth of social investing, and is currently the chair of the Northern California Chapter, the Bay Area Social Investment Forum (BASIF). He has been a member of the First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN) since 1988 and is a registered principal and the manager of a Cambridge Investment Group branch office in Berkeley, California. Lincoln is a lifelong social activist. He went to jail in Mississippi in 1965, as a Freedom Worker with SNCC for Civil Rights. In 1969 he participated in the first work brigade to Cuba, the Venceremos Brigade. He participated in the 1990 International Peace Walk across The Ukraine and was the cofounder of the Shareholder Action Network. He has been in jail nine times for activism concerning civil rights and the struggle against the war in VietNam. Lincoln is the investment advisor to and, as a representative of First Affirmative Financial Network (FAFN) he is the investment consultant for Amnesty International, USA, and other institutions, labor union locals, etc.


Meena Palaniappan directed the International Water and Communities Initiative and the Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice Program at the Pacific Institute for eleven years. She is now developing a new venture called Atma, to connect people who have mobile phones but lack critical needs with each other, so they can support each other with recommendations and advice to improve their quality of life, and drive better products and services to the base of the pyramid. Ms. Palaniappan is an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in community-based environmental planning and research. She has directed projects on water and sanitation, climate change resilience, water pollution, and releasing trapped knowledge in the water sector. She has led projects in Africa and Asia. Ms. Palaniappan received an MS in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley and a degree in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University.


Greg Palast is best known as the investigative reporter who uncovered how Katherine Harris purged thousands of African-Americans from Florida voters rolls in the 2000 Presidential Election.

Author of the New York Times and international bestsellers, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse, Palast is Patron of the Trinity College Philosophical Society, an honor previously held by Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde.

He is also the author of Vultures' Picnic and has just released his brand new book Billionaires & Ballot Bandits.

Greg Palast turned his skills to journalism after two decades as a top investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering. Palast's reports appear on BBC's Newsnight and in Britain's Guardian, Rolling Stone and Harper's.

Palast directed the US' government's largest racketeering case in history (that garnered a $4.3 billion jury award) and the investigation of the Exxon Valdez.

Palast is recipient of the George Orwell Courage in Journalism Prize for his BBC television documentary, Bush Family Fortunes.


Tim Palcic is a Senior Associate with over 20 years of experience. Mr. Palcic has extensively contributed to several significant design projects including the landmark Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a boutique hotel project in West Hollywood, the sustainably designed TreePeople Center for Community Forestry located in the Santa Monica Mountains and the recently completed LEED platinum rated Pitzer college in Claremont. Mr. Palcic also works closely with Mia Lehrer on a wide range of private gardens and estates for residential clients.

Mia Lehrer + Associates is internationally recognized for its progressive landscape design and development of a wide spectrum of ambitious public and private projects that include urban revitalization developments, large urban parks, and complex commercial projects. Founder Mia Lehrer’s advocacy for urban ecology and people-friendly public space is a driving force behind all the firm’s projects, along with a great appreciation for community input. The highly experienced, engaged and creative team prides itself on reaching out to stakeholders for their thoughts and ideas about projects that affect their neighborhoods and their lives. Lehrer believes that great landscape design coupled with sustainability has the power to enhance the livability and quality of life in our cities, and in doing so, improve by great measure the quality of our environment.


Jill Palermo, co-founder of We Add Up, is an example of living true to your passion and succeeding in using your creativity to make a difference. She studied Architecture and Art at Carnegie Mellon University, culminating in the creation of a series of sculptures and videos about landfills, deforestation and industrial pollution. After college, Jill lived in the mountains of Oregon on an organic farming eco-village and learned how to live in harmony with the land. This mountain experience inspired her artistically, and her painting career blossomed. Over time, Jill’s creativity was channeled into collaborative projects that spoke to making a difference in today’s most critical issues. She went on to co-found a company that is endorsed by Al Gore and was voted a Top 10 Green Business of 2008. She is passionate about getting people involved in helping solve the climate crisis.


Sarah Gross and Nira Paliwoda founded the U.S. Veg Corp. They are active members of the local vegetarian and green movement. Their involvement with the community ensures that the events they put on address the latest issues concerning the vegetarian market and the most of-the-moment technologies.


Esperanza Pallana is Coordinator of the Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC). Esperanza brings her years of experience in nonprofit administration to the OFPC. Esperanza’s professional background is in environmental health. She studied biology and urban studies as an undergrad at San Francisco State University. She holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco. For the past eight years, Esperanza has kept an urban farm in Oakland where she practices traditional foodways. Writing on her experience can be found online at Pluck & Feather. More recently, Esperanza co-founded the East Bay Urban Agriculture Alliance. She is an active and vocal participant in creating a healthy and just food system in Oakland.


With 22 years of experience in managing community economic development projects, Palms-Barber is CEO of Chicagos North Lawndale Employment Network and CEO of Sweet Beginnings.

Pamela Martin

Pamela Martin has been an assistant professor in the Department of Geophysical Sciences since 2003. She conducts research in environmental science, paleoclimatology (the study of past climate change) and the impact of food production on the environment. In 2006, Martin coauthored a study which looked at the importance of different dietary choices on per capita greenhouse gas emissions. In the course of the study she realized there was a gap in the data available to quantify the environmental, social and economic impacts of sustainable, regionalbased agriculture.


Panameño is the director of Latino Affairs for the Center for Responsible Lending, dedicated to protecting home ownership and family wealth.


Sylvia Panek has lived and worked in DC the past eight years, working on sustainability issues in finance. Having lived in Poland as a child and grown up eating Polish cuisine at home, Sylvia enjoys shopping at local farmers markets for making healthy, home-cooked food. Considered a national dish, pierogi come in a wide variety of flavors and make a satisfying meal for friends and family!


Pardo has been interested in the Fair Trade movement for many years, and, with two partners, made her interest into a bricks and mortar store in September of 2007, the first in Chicago. Prior to opening The Fair Trader, Pardo spent many years as a Studio Art Quiltmaker, and learned much about retail from her experience as a member of the country's oldest artistrun cooperative gallery in her Hyde Park neighborhood. Pardo believes strongly that it is possible and necessary for Fair Trade to become a sustaining movement, and has noted that most of the recently created Fair Trade suppliers she purchases from in her store are forprofit companies. Pardo and her partners appreciate the wonderful work that notforprofit groups have done in working with artisans and producers, but feel that if the Fair Trade movement is to continue to grow and make its presence felt in the American and International marketplace, it must have a large component of forprofit businesses. Pardo also believes that it is possible for Fair Trade business owners to make a living without taking advantage of the people who produce the goods they sell in the retail market.


Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice Organizing Director


Climate Scientist, International Rivers Network
Ms. Parekh works to raise awareness that dams are emitters of the powerful greenhouse gas, methane; to stop international carbon offsetting schemes; and promote climate adaptation strategies that protect rivers and the communities dependent on them. Before joining International Rivers in 2008, her experience included working in solidarity with the Narmada Bachao Andolan, a social movement in India fighting the damming of the

Narmada River, investigating the Indian governments plans to interlink rivers, and providing technical environmental assistance to Indian NGOs and social movements. Most recently, she was a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Bern in Switzerland conducting scientific research on carbon cycle climate interactions. Ms. Parekh holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


Jonathan Parfrey is executive director of Climate Plan and recently served as director of the GREEN LA Institute which provides educational services to Los Angeles' environmental community. In December 2008, Parfrey was appointed to the Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners where he is serving a five-year term. He is a member of Board of Public Officials for Water and Environmental Reform, the Vision Los Angeles advisory committee, the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility board of directors, the Member of the advisory board of UCLA’s Clean Energy for Green Industry, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition advisory committee, a founding member of the board of cicLAvia, and the steering committee of the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability.

 From 1994 to 2007, Parfrey served as director of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles and was Vice-President of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters from 2005-2009.


Billy co-founded and grew the Energy Action Coalition into the largest youth organization in the world focused on clean energy and climate solutions. Billy is an Ashoka Fellow and the author of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World. He lives in Oakland, CA, with his wife and two daughters.


Esther joined RSF in 2005 and became the Director of the Lending Program in 2007 to oversee the growth of the organization’s lending activities to social enterprises nationally. Esther is responsible for the strategic development of the Lending Program and the expansion of its offerings along the risk spectrum, and manages a six-member team. Previously, Esther was a senior consultant for ShoreBank Advisory Services, where she provided strategic and financial planning advice for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), particularly small business and affordable-housing loan funds. She also trained lenders internationally in small business lending practices, and underwrote Program Related Investments (PRIs) for private foundation clients. Prior to joining ShoreBank, Esther lived in Nukus, Uzbekistan, teaching English and conducting program evaluation work for the United Nations. Esther received her MPP from University of Chicago and BA in Social Welfare from the University of California Berkeley. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, Greg, and their two children, Evangeline and Bryce.

Tehri Parker is the executive director of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA). The MREA is a nonprofit organization, established in 1990, with a mission to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency through education and demonstration.

MREA programs include: The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, handson and classroom workshops, certification programs for renewable energy site assessors, and a renewable energy demonstration site in central Wisconsin. Tehri is also a member of the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Network Board, a non profit group that provides leadership for Wisconsins statewide renewable energy program (Focus on Energy). In that capacity she develops and implements residential renewable energy workshops and training seminars, oversees financial incentive and scholarship programs, and develops programs and tools to reduce barriers to installing renewable energy systems.

Tehri is an Adjunct Faculty member and Honorary Associate at University of WisconsinStevens Point. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Wisconsin K12 Energy Education Program (KEEP). She is also certified by the Institute of Sustainable Power as a Renewable Energy Instructor. Tehri has a Ph.D in Education from the University of Minnesota.


Kim Parker is the Communications Director at Brave New Films where she spearheads the press strategy for the organization's ongoing and new campaigns. With nearly 10 years of experience in the media realm, Kim has worked at leading PR agencies, Sunshine, Sachs & Associates and HL Group; top art institutions including the California African American Museum; as well as publishing outlets powerHouse Books and The New York Sun. Additionally, Kim volunteers on various policy and political committees, including the Young Professional Finance Committee for Kamala Harris' 2010 campaign for CA Attorney General. Kim holds a BA in Public Policy from Duke University and a MSC in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics.


Green architect Richard Parker has over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive architectural design services. As principal and cofounder of 450 architects, inc. Richard has extensive experience leading neighborhood community design workshops and received the SAFEBIDCO 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly. Richard advocates for changes to state and local building codes to facilitate green building, social and environmental justice. He lectured at the 2005 World Environment Day and 2007 Dwell on Design conferences and has written articles on sustainable building for the San Francisco Business Times and Green Home Guide's Ask an Expert series. He volunteers his time with nonprofit groups including Mission Graduates, the Youth Leadership Project for a Sustainable Future, The Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC) Project, and he mentors youth through the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Green School Yard Alliance.


Esther joined RSF in 2005 and became the Director of the Lending Program in 2007 to oversee the growth of the organization's lending activities to social enterprises nationally. Esther is responsible for the strategic development of the Lending Program and the expansion of its offerings along the risk spectrum, and manages a sixmember team. Previously, Esther was a senior consultant for ShoreBank Advisory Services, where she provided strategic and financial planning advice for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), particularly small business and affordablehousing loan funds. She also trained lenders internationally in small business lending practices, and underwrote Program Related Investments (PRIs) for private foundation clients.


Jon Parrish currently works for Johnson Controls as Midwestern Lighting Design Manager overseeing initial lighting opportunities, defining the requirements for scope and project development and identifying risks for potential technical issues. As an Architectural Engineering graduate of the University of Colorado he fell into lighting design quite accidentally. The qualitative and "human" aspects of lighting attracted him to this field but the changes in new technology made it exciting. Working as a lighting designer, his project lighting design experience includes visible spaces such as the Orbitz World Headquarters, advertising agency Abelson-Taylor, and the redevelopment of the historic Chicago Blackstone Hotel. Prior to completing his MBA he consulted as a Lighting Designer completing over 2M sq ft of space nationwide. He has practical experience incorporating creative and cost effective lighting design into commercial, civic, educational, institutional, hospitality, retail and residential applications.


Johanna Gregory Partin serves as Director of Climate Protection Initiatives in the office of Mayor Gavin Newsom, where she advises Mayor Newsom on citywide sustainable energy, climate, transportation, green building and other programs promoting sustainability for San Francisco. From 20062009, Ms. Partin served as Renewable Energy Program Manager at the San Francisco Department of Environment, where she worked to help the City meet its renewable energy targets, focusing on the residential and commercial sectors. Ms. Partin has over 14 years' experience in the fields of renewable energy, microfinance, gender equity and sustainable development, and has worked both locally and in more than 14 countries around the world. Johanna has a Master's degree in Energy ; Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from UC Santa Barbara.


Partnow, MA, organizational development and training consultant, enjoys being a catalyst for individuals and work teams seeking positive changes through workshops, retreats and coaching. She partners with organizations to promote healthy and productive workplaces and teams, whether their needs are strategic planning, team building or transition management.

Partnow also offers sessions in speaking (presentations, voice, ESL), selfmanagement (time, stress, change, emotional intelligence) and people skills (communication, conflict transformation, negotiation). A former teacher and speech pathologist with an MA in communication from Northwestern University, Partnow is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington and a certified mediator.

Paschal Osborn

Paschal Osborn is a public interest water lawyer who works for the Center for Environmental Law ; Policy, headquartered in Spokane. CELP's mission is to protect and restore the freshwater resources of Washington state and the larger Columbia River Basin, through public education, agency advocacy, policy reform, and public interest litigation.


Panel: The Climate Challenge: From Interest to Action
The science is clear: we have a short time to reverse the trends toward dangerous climate disruption before our planet is changed forever. But just how much time do we have and with what energy sources? Addressing these issues, these national and local leaders will explore what other countries are doing, and what fairness and equity mean in a time of global threat.


Gino Pastori-Ng was born and raised in Oakland, California, the community which he now serves as co-director of Ashoka’s Youth Venture San Francisco Bay Area (AYVSFBA). After graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Psychology, Gino spent several years teaching English in Brazil and China, and has since worked for several non-profits to pursue his passion for social justice, environmental awareness and education. Prior to his role at AYVSFBA, Gino supported the launch of a new elementary school in East Oakland, and worked for a non-profit organization focusing on environmental voter education. In his current role, he has developed various strategic partnerships to increase opportunities for Bay Area youth to launch their own social enterprises.


Dr. Patel is a new dentist with a clear vision for an environmentally friendly approach to dentistry. She has taken a unique, innovative approach to dentistry, combining it with a concern for the environment in her practice. Dr. Patel is a leader in green dentistry and is conducting research and development to set standards in Green Dentistry.

She has brought a Teleosis chapter to San Francisco, a nonprofit organization that helps doctors practice ecologically sustainable medicine. Dr. Patel also serves as an Enviromentor for the San Francisco Environment Agency to help small businesses become green. She is passionate about and spends her time advocating for ecologically sustainable healthcare.


A visiting scholar in the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley, Patel is a Fellow at the Institute of Food and Development Policy and a Research Associate at the University of KwaZuluNatal.

Deepali Patel is a yoga and meditation instructor with training in yin, prenatal and trauma-informed yoga. After completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Flow Yoga Center, she participated in additional advanced trainings with Biff Mithoefer, Janice Clairfield, Shiva Rea and Darren Main, and also trained at the Justice Resource Institute. She is currently completing a 2-year advanced vipassana meditation teacher training with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, and a Thai Yoga Therapy certification at the Thai Institute for Healing Arts.


Leah Patriarco is a member of the Allium Collective in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood and a member of the initial Chicago Conservation Corps group of leaders. She is currently working toward a teaching certificate with intentions to teach in Chicago Public Schools. With the support of the Chicago Conservation Corps, Leah organized a rain barrel distribution for the 46th Ward during which she worked with community members to distribute rain barrels to 46th Ward residents and nonprofits. This distribution, called Uptown Rain Barrels, was the first Chicago Conservation Corps project to be completed.

The Allium Collective is an urban community dedicated to activism and ethical living practices. This year they will be organizing their second monthlong fast from electricity to highlight the connection between our individual choices, foreign policy, and the environment. Another member of the Allium Collective will be working with the Chicago Conservation Corps to increase the community engagement involved with the fast. The fast, called Lights Off, will begin March 20th and will end April 20th with the beginning of the Chicago Green Festival. For more information visit


Colleen PatrickGoudreau is a Bay Areabased chef, cooking class instructor and cookbook author whose mission is to raise consciousness about the food we consume. She is the author of critically acclaimed The Joy of Vegan Baking, which won VegNews Magazines Cookbook of the Year Award, and The Vegan Table.


Diane Patterson writes, sings, and carries her Funky Earth Ballads and Sacred Songs for the Peaceful Revolution with grit and grace. On acoustic guitar and ukulele, hand drum and voice, Patterson weaves spirit and unifying social commentary around the world, on festival stages and in concert venues, in the streets of Europe and the Farmers' Markets of Northern California. People say her voice reminds them of Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morisette, and Ani DiFranco. Diane currently lives in Big Sur, CA. This past summer Diane created 'Grandma Tour,' in which she traveled California, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Oregon, visiting her own music and wisdom elders and attending two indigenous elders' gatherings, including that of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Patterson released a live CD in 1995 with the Diane Patterson Sextet, followed in 2005 by a fantastic folk album called Hip the Hip, available from her Web site ( and via iTunes and CDBaby. She's currently working on two albums of her newer work, one with Sony movie music maker pro Carl Kaller, and another with Motown engineer Jane Clark.


Jacqui was born and raised on the south side of Chicago to a Jamaican immigrant father and an African American mother from Mississippi. She attended Boston University where she gained a Bachelors in Special Education while working in the Boston shelter system and participating in the “Housing Now” movement. During her 3.5 year term as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in Jamaica she worked with the Community Environmental Resource Center which began due to the contamination of the Harbour View community water supply by the neighboring Shell Company plant. After Peace Corps, Jacqui went on to earn two Masters Degrees in Public Health and Social Work from Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland respectively. She has worked as a trainer, organizer, researcher, program manager, and policy analyst on international and domestic issues and social justice movements with organizations including Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Baltimore City Healthy Start, IMA World Health, United for a Fair Economy, ActionAid, Health GAP, and the organization she co-founded, Women of Color United (WOCU). Jacqui is now the Climate Justice Initiative Director for the NAACP. Her work on climate justice before engaging with NAACP was through Women of Color United’s participation in a Movement Generation for Change Ecology Justice Retreat and partnership with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization on the From Katrina to Copenhagen Initiative. Last year she facilitated a partnership between NAACP and Women of Color United to engage in the “Women of Color for Climate Justice Road Tour” to uplift stories of differential impact, community local self reliance, and community resistance of women of color and communities of color.


EventComplete's CEO, author, and notable speaker, Michelle Patterson has been the visionary and creator behind a multitude of successful events and workshops produced since 1988.

With a vast diversity in genres from Taste of Ladera, a signature wine festival of 30,000 to Create Your Future conferences. Her ability to refine and customize marketing strategies driving attendance to record highs is her forte.

Patterson was named Event Ambassador for Groupon, the internet sensation named by Forbes Magazine as the fastest growing company. She is also the author of Event Complete's How to get your GROUPON, EventComplete's Uncorked, and the EventComplete book series. Patterson takes great delight in producing workshops with an "Edu-tainment" flair – entertainment meets education producing spectacular events that captivate the audience. Patterson has a B.A. in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University.

Patty Martin

Patty Martin is an environmental activist from Washington State. In 1997, as mayor, of the small town of Quincy, WA, she helped to expose the illegal use of hazardous waste in fertilizers. Wastes from steel mills, coal fired power plants, nuclear fuel processing, mining and other industrial activity were being sent to companies that transformed them into fertilizers. The situation in Quincy was covered as part of a Seattle Times investigative series Fear in the Fields: How Hazardous Waste Becomes Fertilizer and subsequently a book titled Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry, and a Toxic Secret (Harper Collins, 2001). More recently, Quincy is the location for the siting of multiple data centers, each relying on dozens of locomotive sized 3600 hp diesel generators for routine maintenance purposes as well as during electrical outrages. The consequence is the release of tens of tons of diesel exhaust and other toxins into the air she d over Quincy. To facilitate the siting of these facilities the air quality regulations were gutted in 2009 and the state has set a precedent setting "goal" of 100 cancers per million (from air pollution) for Quincy. Quincy is a predominantly low-income community and 74% Hispanic.


Pauli is an innovator in business, science and education. Under his leadership, Ecover built the first ecofactory (1992) that was featured on CNN Prime Time News. He initiated the concept of zero waste and zero emissions (1994) implemented by +2,000 companies in Japan, which have by now (16 years later) 99% eliminated all landfill.

Inspired by Fritjof Capra, with whom he coauthored Steering Business towards Sustainability in 1995, Pauli set out to design an economic model that evolves from the core business management concept to a systemic view. With the support of the Japanese government and industry, he designed and implemented projects from agroforestry to mining, industry and health care, demonstrating that it is possible to reverse climate change and build a production and consumption system capable of responding to all basic needs.

Pauli is the founder of Zero Emissions Research ; Initiatives (ZERI), a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges. The common vision shared by the members of the ZERI family is to view waste as resource and seek solutions using nature's design principles as inspiration.


Paulin is the cofounder of the Greater Ukiah Localization Project and vice president of the Cloud Forest Institute. His efforts include educational outreach and practical actions.


Paloma Pavel, PhD, founder of Breakthrough Communities, is President of Earth House Center. She has served as Director of Strategic Communications for the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Initiative at the Ford Foundation. Pavel's academic background includes graduate study at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Harvard University. Her research at LSE addresses South African Economics in the pre and postApartheid eras. Her dissertation (Organizational Culture and Leadership Development) was part of a fiveyear study by the Carnegie Foundation on the workplace in America, which culminated in the publication Good Work. She has taught at many Bay Area institutions, including the California Institute for Integral Studies, where she cochaired the graduate degree program in Organizational Development. Pavel is a frequent lecturer and keynote presenter nationally and internationally on the theory of living systems and urban sustainability. At MIT Press, she coedits the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Book series with Robert Gottlieb. Pavel is editor of the newly released book entitled Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis.


Paynter is the founder and CEO of Care2, the largest online socialnetwork for conscientious people with more than 7 million members and250 nonprofit partners.


The mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to create a new generation of young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates.

PeaceJam was conceived on the gritty, ganginfested streets of northwest Denver in the summer of 1994. Suvanjieff, an artist, musician, and relentless dreamer was talking with Latino gang members at the corner of 13th and Wyandot when he discovered that these roughandtumble youth not only knew who Desmond Tutu was, they appreciated his nonviolent efforts toward change.


Karen Pearson is an Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics at the Fashion Institute of Technology/ SUNY and the Director of TechFIT, a National Science Foundation grant: Advancing Technical Education (ATE) project (number 1003034). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree inChemistry from Clark University and Doctorate degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Washington State University. Prior to joining the FIT faculty in 2004, she was on the research staff at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center.

Dr. Pearson’s teaching at FIT lead to the receipt of the 2011 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in teaching. Additionally she was awarded a grant of 150,000 dollars from the National Science Foundation: Advancing Technical Education (ATE). The award promotes “thinking green” across the college focusing on the development of introductory science curriculum to better prepare FIT’s graduates to meet industry demands for the design, development and manufacture of green and sustainable products including textiles, toys, home products, cosmetics and packaging.


Christopher Peck is a sustainability entrepreneur, holistic financial planner and socially responsible investment advisor who’s been working since 1991 to build a more sustainable and prosperous world. Christopher’s a managing partner of Natural Investments LLC, a small firm with ten offices in eight states, they are focused solely on helping clients invest and build wealth in a way that reflects their environmental and social values. Christopher is a co-author of the soon-to-be released bestseller, The Resilient Investor: How to Thrive in a Time of Transition. For more on Christopher, please see


Dr. David N. Pellow is an activistscholar who has published widely on environmental justice issues in communities of color in the U.S. and globally. His books include: Resisting Global Toxics: Transnational Movements for Environmental Justice (forthcoming, MIT Press); The Silicon Valley of Dreams: Environmental Injustice, Immigrant Workers, and the HighTech Global Economy (with Lisa SunHee Park, New York University Press, 2002);
Garbage Wars: The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Chicago (MIT Press, 2002); Urban Recycling and the Search For Sustainable Community Development (with Adam Weinberg and Allan Schnaiberg, Princeton University Press, 2000), Power, Justice, the Environment: A Critical Appraisal of the Environmental Justice Movement (editor, with Robert J. Brulle, MIT Press, 2005); and Challenging the Chip: Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the Global Electronics Industry (editor, with Ted Smith, David Sonnenfeld, and Leslie Byster, Temple University Press, 2006). He is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego where he teaches courses on social movements, environmental justice, globalization, and immigration, race and ethnicity. Pellow is also the Director of the California Cultures in Comparative Perspectivean international research initiative based at UCSD. He has served on the Boards of Directors of several communitybased organizations that are dedicated to improving the living and working environments for people of color, immigrants, and lowincome persons. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University in 1998. He earned his B.A. in Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1992.


Pelosi is the author of Campaign Boot Camp 2.0 and Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders' (2007), books used in her leadership trainings for candidates and causes. She directs the AFSCME PEOPLE Congressional Candidates Boot Camp, which prepares Democrats for campaigns and has helped 26 challengers get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Her work in public policy and politics includes service as Executive Director (1998–99) and Platform Chair (1996–present) of the California Democratic Party; Deputy City Attorney (Construction and Trial Teams) and Assistant District Attorney (Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit) for the City of San Francisco; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Special Counsel in the Clinton/Gore Administration (1999–2001); and, Chief of Staff to U.S. Representative John F. Tierney (2001–2005).


Eli Penberthy is the public affairs specialist at PCC Natural Markets, where she is also the associate editor of the newspaper, the Sound Consumer. She has a broad range of experience writing, teaching and organizing around sustainable food systems, and has a particular interest in sustainable seafood.


Weather Pending is a San Francisco trio creating unique, soulful, music with a truthful, uplifting message. Theband creates smoky late night grooves highlighted by Janie Olivershoney and gunpowder vocals, the dark, swooping tones of producer RobCrosss electric bass and the shimmering overtones of Brian Bloi's lushelectric and acoustic guitar. On their debut recording, And How!,they're joined by guest drummers Max MacVeety and Derek G. Taylor whogive the music a swing that much electronic music lacks. The resultingmusic is hard to categorize; kind of like what The Beach Boys wouldhave sounded like with a female lead singer and hip hop/reggae beats orif Portishead was from California and spent a lot of time on the beach.

Forevery cd of And How! that is sold, Weather Pending is donating $1 toPlaypumps International, an organization whose goal is to bring cleandrinking water to schools and communities in 10 countries inSubSaharan African by 2010.


An experienced group facilitator, Pendle, whose life goal is to create a world where we live in harmony with one another and nature, works for the Foundation of Sustainable Living.


William Pentecost, 25, is a young chef from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His first job, as a teenager selling apples in the Union Square Farmers Market, introduced him to organic fruits and vegetables and the sustainable world of farming at a young age. Those early experiences led to a career in restaurant kitchens and a degree in culinary arts from The Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.). Since graduating, he has moved toward a career in non-for-profit by volunteering and is currently working at The Lower Eastside Girls Club. Through LESGC, he has been able to create and run an entrepreneurial job training program, Celebrate Cafe, cook healthy meals for after-school programs and sit in on the design team for a culinary center in the soon to open Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for Community.


Carla is a 33yearold, dedicated mother and community organizer and educator of Native/Latin American heritage residing in Oakland. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1999 with a BS in Conservation ; Resource Studies with an emphasis on Environmental Racism.

She has worked with community groups in Yucatan, Mexico, Oakland and Contra Costa County on issues of environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. Carla is a certified Popular Education Trainer and Indigenous Permaculture Design Consultant. She is member of the School of Unity and Liberations Teacher Collective and a member of the Ruckus Societys People of Color Trainers Network.

After working 10 years in the Environmental Justice Movement as a leadership training coordinator, community organizer and program director, she is now programs coordinator at Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project an organization that facilitates the union of ecological justice with racial ; economic justice issues in the urban Bay Area to help organizers understand the impacts of the ecological crises on communities that struggle against institutionalized racism and classism, and how to address both as one compact issue.


Araceli Perez is the Children Nature Institute’s Education Associate. She is a native from Mexico where she earned a Degree in Biology and holds a Masters in Education with has classroom experience pertaining to Kindergarten to High School. Araceli has volunteered as a Master Gardener promoting backyard vegetable gardening in schools and communities. She loves teaching and sharing the multiple benefits nature brings to children and youth.

The Children’s Nature Institute is dedicated to providing young children with the opportunity to explore the natural world through hands-on, educational experiences. They use nature as a tool for fostering creativity, discovery, independence, personal development and improved social and academic skills. Through their programs, including the award winning" target="_blank">Outreach Discovery Program," target="_blank">Tykes on Trails Program, Kids Leading Kids, and" target="_blank">Family Walks, CNI connects nature to the everyday lives of children by incorporating parents, grandparents, and teachers into the learning process. CNI's vision is to inspire children and provide opportunities to be excited and intrigued by all that the natural world has to offer and teach us.


Perkins, a former economic hit man, is a founder and board member of Dream Change and the Pachamama Alliance, nonprofit organizations devoted to creating stable, sustainable and peaceful worlds. He has lectured and taught at universities on four continents including Harvard, Wharton and Princeton, and is a champion of environmental and social causes.

Perkins's Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, which spent more than a year on the New York Times bestseller lists and has been published in more than 30 languages, details the clandestine operations that created the world's first truly global empire. His book The Secret History of the American Empire provides a compassionate plan for crafting a world that future generations will be proud to inherit. His other books include Shapeshifting and The World Is As You Dream It.


Dana Perls is the Food and Technology campaigner with Friends of the Earth. Prior to joining FOE, she was the Northern California community organizer with Pesticide Watch, where she ran regional campaigns in agricultural counties to ban cancer-causing, unregulated strawberry pesticides from the market, to label GMOs in California, and to help reform the corporate control of our food systems with non-toxic, localized, and regulated practices. Victories included mobilizing agricultural regions to pressure Arysta Lifesciences to remove a carcinogenic pesticide from the national market. Dana brings a strong background in grassroots campaign organizing and environmental policy and combines them with her commitment to environmental justice. She has also worked on water contamination issues throughout California’s agricultural valleys, and on campaigns focused on issues ranging from human rights to water in Panama where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer.


Kassia Perpich overseesRight Bite, the award-winning sustainable seafood program at John G. Shedd Aquarium. She works closely with Chicago’s culinary community to build demand for seafood that is caught or farmed in environmentally-friendly ways. Passionate about sustainable food production, Kassia also brings her expertise to a number of like-minded organizations, volunteering with Slow Food Chicago, the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. She earned a Master’s degree in public policy from Indiana University.

Perter Strugatz

Peter is an advisor to impact investors and social entrepreneurs in raising social capital, increasing equity value, growing revenue, building and nurturing strategic relationships, and adhering to triple bottom line standards. He has invested in several early stages social purpose companies including Stonyfield Farms and Zipcar, and as an entrepreneur was co- founder and co-CEO of IceStone, a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of high design green countertop material made with 100% recycled glass.

At IceStone Peter led the effort in raising $20 million of mission-aligned capital. He is passionate about triple bottom line standards and Cradle-to- Cradle manufacturing.

Areas of expertise include valuation, term sheet structure, sales and operations strategy, and building high performance management teams.

He is a former board member of the Social Venture Network and the ALS Association, and on the board of advisors of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation.


Karen Peteros began beekeeping in 2006. She has been teaching and giving presentations and lectures on beekeeping continuously since Fall, 2007. She regularly attends and participates in regional and national beekeeping conferences and organizations. She is a past president of the San Francisco Beekeepers Association, and is co-founder and director of the non-profit, San Francisco Bee-Cause, which seeks to use urban beekeeping to support causes that benefit San Francisco's human and bee residents.


Owner and founder of DC's first all vegan bakery and cafe. The shop gained national notoriety after becoming two-time winner of The Food Network's Cupcake Wars. With a focus on fun, nutrition, and technique, Doron will demonstrate how to make one of their famous recipes also available in their baking book, Sticky Fingers Sweets; 100 Super Secret Vegan Recipes.


Galen Peterson is Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of United Roots. He is a long-time community educator and music producer in Oakland, CA. He is also Co-Founder and Director of the Turf Unity Music Program and a co-founder of Art in Action. Galen produces music and art events in the Bay Area with a coalition of youth and social justice organizations. He has done work with the Men’s Story Project to confront sexism and patriarchy in society, and explore ways to redefine masculinity in our communities. And, he worked with the Y-Step collective doing racial justice organizing in the Bay Area. Galen has over 10 years experience doing direct service with youth, and he has coordinated numerous urban environmental justice and violence prevention programs in the Bay Area community, including being the project manager for Trees 4 Life. For more information about United Roots go to:


Peterson is author of the City of Seattle's Green Home Remodel series of guides, and has been providing green building outreach and education for more than ten years in the Seattle area. Prior to starting Synthesis Consultants, a green building research and strategic planning firm, Peterson worked for the City of Seattle Green Building Program and as Research Director for the Cascadia Region Green Building Council. Peterson is a thirdgeneration Seattleite, intent on helping preserve the ecological integrity of the Pacific Northwest.


Bill combines a long history in community banking with a deep interest in sustainability. After beginning his career at Bank of America, he spent 18 years in commercial lending and credit administration at several San Francisco Bay Area community banks. He hopes New Resource will educate people on the significant impact they have on the flow of capital into businesses that consider their environmental and social impacts in addition to their financial returns.


Tony Damico and Christine Petit are co-founders of the Long Beach Time Exchange, a time banking community where members use an alternative currency called time dollars to exchange skills and services. The concept is simple: One hour equals one time dollar, regardless of the service given, so there’s really no bartering involved. From dog-walking to graphic design, community organizing to tutoring, cooking lessons to massage therapy, everyone’s time is valued equally. Tony teaches communication studies at local colleges and organizes community events through Shift Long Beach (an regional group). Christine is a labor and community organizer, freelance writer and sociologist.

Pettengill Turner

Tracey is a well known social entrepreneur committed to finding marketbased solutions to global poverty. She is a seasoned business executive who has been involved in international development, social investing and philanthropy for more than 15 years.

Prior to founding MicroPlace, Tracey was CFO of KickStart, an organization that designs and sells products focused on poverty alleviation. In 1998, she started her first company, 4charity, a webbased marketplace for charitable giving, and served as its CEO. Earlier in her career, Tracey held a variety of positions with socially responsible firms including the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Calvert Ventures and the World Bank.

Traceys numerous leadership awards include 2000 Top 25 Women of the Web Award, San Francisco Business Times Leadership Award and a Working Woman Magazine Entrepreneurship Award. Tracey holds a degree in engineering and economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford Business School. Outside MicroPlace, Tracey plays left wing on her soccer team, trains for Ironman triathlons and snowshoes in Lake Tahoe with her husband.


Pfingsten is a community activist and founder ofNo Foam Chicago, the grassroots group that has been advocating for a citywide ban of polystyrene foam styrofoam food packaging since February of 2009. Pfingsten professional experience stems from work as Preservation Chicago's Communications Manager, where she has assisted in a number of advocacy campaigns, including Save Grant Park and Save the Lakeshore Athletic Club. Pfingsten has also volunteered on a variety of local and nationalpolitical campaigns.


Gail Philbin coordinates outreach for a variety of CNT Energy projects that help consumers and communities obtain the information and services they need to control energy costs and become more energy efficient. She has more than two decades of experience in nonprofit communications and administration and a background in journalism. Prior to coming to CNT Energy, she served as communications and marketing director of the Illinois Environmental Council. Philbin also founded Farms without Harm, a grassroots coalition of small farmers, nonprofits and individuals in Michigan, launched in 2005. That project led to the creation of the West Michigan Co-op,an online farmers market she co-founded in 2006 that connects local consumers with local sustainable farms all year-round.


Phillips is the director of BioVision2020 and is a cofounder ofGeneWise, focusing on the short and longterm human and environmentaleffects of genetic engineering.


Tamika Phillips is the Artistic Director of the Marcus Garvey Upliftment Project, a free arts and education center in East Oakland, CA with the mission to provide “a safe environment for tomorrow’s leaders by teaching skills needed for African community self-determination.” She works tirelessly to bring the children through a profound life-altering experience based on African history studies, dance and theatre classes.


Janet A. Phoenix, MD, MPH, is Executive Director of the Coalition for Environmentally Safe Communities, a national nonprofit organization providing technical assistance to communities at risk for environmental disease. She is a physician trained in public health who has managed research, risk communication, and health prevention and promotion programs for many organizations. She is also Associate Professor of Research in Environmental and Occupational Health in the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University.

She received her B.A. in anthropology from the University of Colorado in Denver and her M.D. from Howard University. Dr. Phoenix also completed a Masters of Public Health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.Dr. Phoenix has managed two community-based participatory research programs with faith-based organizations: one to improve lead poisoning prevention for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the other a project for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide educational interventions on childhood asthma and lead poisoning. She has directed health education activities at the Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (now the Alliance for Healthy Homes). She has been a member of two federal advisory committees: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Childhood Lead Advisory Committee and the EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee. Among her international activities, she has provided assistance to the Egyptian government, the Polish government and the Silesian Medical Academy, and EPA’s Office of International Activities. She organized an international lead conference, Healthy Children, Healthy Environments, which brought together technical experts and community-based representatives from around the world. She has written numerous articles relating to environmental health and lead poisoning.


Ani Phyo is a health expert, consultant, and wellness coach, and is an award-winning author of five popular and best-selling eco-lifestyle books: “Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast”, “Ani's Raw Food Asia”, “Ani's Raw Food Essentials”, “Ani's Raw Food Desserts”, and “Ani's Raw Food Kitchen” (awarded “Best Vegetarian Cookbook USA 2007”). She is the recipient of four Best of Raw 2008 Awards for Best Chef, Favorite Cookbook and Favorite Educator. She has also won Sexiest Raw Vegan Woman for 2008, 2009, and 2010.

In addition to hosting “Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Show”, the award-winning #1 uncooking show on YouTube, Ani has hosted webisodes for The City of Los Angeles, Vegetarian Times Magazine,, The Virtual Channel Network, and Panjea TV as a lifestyle and wellness correspondent.

Ani has appeared on shows including the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, ABC7 in Los Angeles with Lori Corbin, San Francisco's View From the Bay featuring Spencer Christian, Better with host Audra Lowe, and NBC New York's LX New York. She has been featured in numerous magazines including Food & Wine, Food Network, BBC, Alternative Medicine, Oxygen, American Fitness, VegNews, Delicious Living, Vegetarian Times, and Get Fresh.

Ani lives in Los Angeles with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kanga, whom she rescued in 2002. Fifty pounds underweight when she adopted her, Ani healed Kanga back to health with whole foods by applying the same principles that she uses for humans to her beloved dog. Ani is currently working on her next book along with planning projects for TV and the web.


Ryan Pickering dove into the solar industry after studying renewable energy and political science at Loyola Marymount University. A self-professed solar geek, Ryan is committed to designing high-efficiency residential solar power systems. Beyond energy production, he works to maximize the curb appeal and durability of his designs. Ryan is based in Los Angeles and his designs can be found across Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica mountain villages and coastline. Outside of solar, Ryan plays in the Venice Basketball League.


Grazyna Pilatowicz, is a full time tenured faculty member in the Interior Design Department, and a Chair person of the Sustainable Interior Environments Graduate Program, which she initiated, developed, and launched. She is teaching Graduate Seminar, commercial and institutional design studios, thesis research and programming, and a course based on her book: Eco–Interiors: A Guide to Environmentally Conscious Interior Design.

Grazyna is an interior designer and a consultant specializing in integrated sustainable design, and in programming and space planning for institutional projects. In her work and in teaching, she incorporates the conviction that design is a research-based interdisciplinary process rooted in actual places and communities. Her work is dedicated to ensuring that design takes into account the broad cultural and ecological context, and strives to transform individual and social awareness and ethics.

Grazyna has been a speaker at numerous conferences and seminars devoted to sustainable design and her lectures and articles have been included in conference publications and in industry magazines. She is NCIDQ certified, LEED accredited, and holds a MA in Art History from KUL in Poland, and a BFA in Interior Design from FIT. She is an active professional member of IDEC, IIDA, and US GBC. She is a Co-Chair of the FIT Sustainability Council.


Professor Stuart Pimm holds one of Duke University's most prestigious chairs (The Doris Duke Chair of Conservation Ecology). He is an outstanding ecologist and the world's leading conservation scientist.

Pimm's publications are extraordinarily influential. He is one of the most quoted ecologists. In the last decade, has Pimm published more than 100 papers, of which a quarter were in Nature, Science, and PNAS. Two of his four books have appeared since 1991. The Balance of Nature? Ecological issues in the conservation of species and communities. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. 434 pp. And 2001. The World According to Pimm: a Scientist Audits the Earth. McGraw Hill, New York. (1982) Food Webs, has been reissued (2003) by University of Chicago Press. Pimm's papers are wideranging.

Food Webs was republished simply because, despite its age, it remains the best single introduction to the subject of largescale community structure, its causes, and its consequences. It has an extensive new preface that brings the last two decades of the topic. Pimm is the cofounder of this field (along with Robert May, John Lawton, and Joel Cohen) and their theoretical and empirical contributions have shaped two decades of research. Pimm has three review articles in Nature (one with Lawton and Cohen) on the structure of food webs and the closely related topic of the stability and complexity of ecosystems.

Until recently, Balance of Nature? was Pimm's most important publication and has an (annual) impact factor averaged over the dozen years since its publication over twice that of a article in a major journal such as Nature. It was critically acclaimed by reviewers following its publication. It defines the field of how populations vary of time, how communities are assembled, and how they resist or succumb to change. Pimm reviews what we know about the longterm dynamics and species and communities. Much of that work is his own pioneering studies on the nature of population change (the more time means more variation hypothesis) and on the complexities of communities and how they change. These issues affect how rapidly populations become extinct (and so what we can do to prevent extinctions), how best to understand the effects of species removals and invasions, and how best to restore ecological communities.

Finally, Pimm understands that we must communicate conservation science to those who make decisions. Pimm is not an advocate, but a scientist who believes that scientists must inform and shape policies that have science at their core. This cuts both ways, of course, and he has been energetic in bringing high standards to the academic study of biological diversity. In particular, his 11 years on the board of reviewing editors at Science were marked by a huge increase in the number of papers about environmental issues and about conservation of biological diversity in particular. He has active research programs in many of th


Author Daniel Pinchbeck has deep personal roots in the New York counter culture of the 1950s and 1960s. His father was an abstract painter, and his mother, Joyce Johnson, was a member of the Beat Generation and dated Jack Kerouac as On the Road hit the bestseller lists in 1957, chronicled in Johnson's bestselling book, Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir. Pinchbeck was a founder of the 1990s literary magazine Open City with fellow writers Thomas Beller and Robert Bingham. He has written for many publications, including Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, The Village Voice, and Rolling Stone. In 1994, he was chosen by The New York Times Magazine as one of Thirty under Thirty destined to change our culture.

Pinchbeck is the author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head. He is featured in the film, 2012: Time for Change. He is a founding director of" target="_blank"> and" target="_blank">Reality Sandwich.

He is the executive editor of" target="_blank">Evolver Editions, and co-edited the anthology, What Comes After Money?, published in the fall of 2011.

Pinchot III

Gifford Pinchot is President and co-founder of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, which offers an MBA that integrates sustainability and social responsibility with innovation and profit. BGI opened in 2002 and is the first graduate schools to weave sustainability throughout its entire curriculum so that standard business subjects include ethics, cutting edge sustainability practices, and students’ spiritual perspectives. For three years BGI has come on top of Net Impact’s survey of business schools interested in socially responsible business. In August 2009 BGI was awarded the grant of accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Mr. Pinchot is a well-known author, speaker, and consultant on launching businesses and innovation management. He has helped to launch over 700 businesses. He has built four companies and sold three of them, one for a profit of over 100 to one for the original investors.


Jodi Pincus is the Executive Director of Rising Sun Energy Center. Under her leadership, Rising Sun has evolved from a modest renewable energy education center into a leading green workforce development and retrofit services organization.

Jodi is a leading expert on the green economy, youth employment frameworks, sustainable social enterprise models and workforce development. The Center offers innovative green training and employment models that are held as exemplars in both the national and international community. Jodi specializes in consensus building, developing curricula, change management, and researching program methodology and effectiveness.

Born in South Africa and a former resident of Australia, Israel and Mexico, Jodi considers herself a global citizen. She has committed her life to solving issues of social inequality and environmental degradation through innovative, proactive approaches. Jodi is a UC Berkeley graduate in Peace and Conflict Studies and holds an MBA from the Presidio Graduate School in Sustainable Management.


Pincuspy is a Senior Program Associate with Safer Pest Control Project and leads its Yards ; Parks and Municipal programs. In 2008, he developed a Natural Lawn Care workshop that has since trained over 240 Midwest landscape professionals. Pincuspy is also closely involved with implementation of pesticide reduction strategies, including natural lawn care, at several Chicagoarea municipalities. Pincuspy previously worked as an environmental consultant and spent several growing seasons as a landscaper. Pincuspy has a Bachelor's in Geography from the University of Iowa, and a Master's in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.


Chris Pine is a founding member and current Business Manager of the Biodiesel Cooperative of Los Angeles, Inc. He also served on its Board of Directors for five years. Mr. Pine is a retired Urban and Regional Planner, and resident of Torrance California, with 20 years experience in California communities, principally in Beverly Hills. Prior to coming to California, Mr. Pine spent 18 years in the study of environmental design and urban planning, with a Bachelor of Design (architecture) from the University of Florida, Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Virginia Tech, matriculation in the PhD program for City and Regional Planning at Cornell University, interspersed with work in Orlando Florida, Washington (DC), Alexandria Virginia, New York City, and communities in Upstate New York, near his birthplace, Auburn, New York.

Founded in October 2005, incorporated in March 2006, the Biodeisel Co-op’s mission is to promote sustainable biodiesel through education, outreach, and advocacy while providing members with access to quality biodiesel fuel. B99 biodiesel is purchased in bulk through subscription by the members. The fuel is kept in portable storage facilities, i.e. “fuel jobber” trailers, currently based in Torrance and East Los Angeles. The Co-op has displayed at numerous environmental fairs and symposiums in Greater Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties, advocated for biodiesel fleet fueling in Torrance, Gardena, Long Beach and other communities, which resulted in fueling their diesel equipment fleets with B20 (20%) biodiesel blend fuel, helped teach high school students in demonstration labs, and provided production and logistical support for the award-winning documentary “Fuel.


From Making Furniture to Healing the Environment
Furniture manufacturer Cisco Pinedo will discuss strategies that his firm uses to build the best furniture available. Part of delivering the best product is caring about the entire supply chain from resource to customer. Every business choice is an opportunity to make a contribution to society and regenerate the environment.


Steve Pinetti, as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kimpton Hotels ; Restaurants, oversees all sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, CRM and eCommerce activities for the hotel and restaurant management company. Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, based in San Francisco, currently manages 46 boutique hotels and 46 fine dining chefdriven restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to joining the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants in 1982, Pinetti, 55, began his hospitality career with Hilton and Hyatt where he held a number of positions in hotel sales and marketing. He was recognized as a Top Producer for both organizations. He helped develop corporate incentive travel programs as well as breakthrough industry software that provided the foundation for PMS systems today. Throughout his career, Pinetti has been responsible for the strategic planning and openings of more than 50 + hotels and 50 + restaurants throughout the country and has worked as an independent consultant in hotel management and marketing.

Pinetti has taught various classes in sales, marketing, operations and management in the hospitality programs at University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, San Francisco City College and Golden Gate University. He also participated in branding classes through the executive management programs at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley. A native of San Francisco, Pinetti lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife, Marcy, and their three sons.


Chellie Pingree never anticipated a life in politics. Living on the offshore island of North Haven, Maine, she raised her kids and ran a small business. She served on the school board and as the local tax assessor, a job no one else in town wanted. But in 1991, when she was approached about running for State Senate, she jumped at the chance.

She scored a remarkable upset, defeating a popular Republican, and went on to serve four terms in the Maine Senate. But throughout her political career, from Augusta to Washington and beyond, the lessons she learned on North Haven have always been her guide: Be accountable to your neighbors, and always use your common sense.

Chellie Johnson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1955, the youngest of four children. Her father, Harry, worked in advertising and her mother, Dorothy, was a nurse. Chellie moved to Maine as a teenager, attended the University of Southern Maine, and graduated from the College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor. After college, she moved to North Haven, an island town of 350 people twelve miles off the coast of Rockland, to raise her family and make a living.

Chellie has worked hard throughout her life - as a mother, as a farmer, as a small business owner, and in politics. She knows how difficult it can be to meet payroll and run a business in a small, rural community. Right after college, Chellie and her husband, Charlie, spent several years running a small farm and selling produce locally. In 1981, she started North Island Yarn, a cottage industry of local knitters, with a retail store on the island. The business expanded quickly, becoming North Island Designs, and employed as many as ten local workers in peak seasons. The business sold knitting kits and pattern books nationwide through 500 retail stores and 100,000 mail order catalogues. She sold the business in 1993.Today, in addition to her political life, Chellie co-owns and helps manage Nebo Lodge, a bed & breakfast and restaurant on North Haven, which she started with several partners in 2006.

Chellie was elected to the Maine State Senate in 1992, representing Knox County. In 1996, Chellie was chosen by her peers to be the Maine Senate Majority Leader. She helped lead the Senate for four more years, until leaving office due to term limits. As a Senator, she fought for economic and social justice, taking on powerful adversaries - most notably the pharmaceutical lobby. In her last session, Pingree sponsored one of the nation's first prescription drug pricing bills, MaineRX. After a legal fight that led all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the bill became law, and has since been a model for states around the country working to lower prescription drug prices.

Chellie also sponsored the successful "Parents as Scholars" program, a national model for welfare reform, which continues to help working Maine parents gain access to education to help them achieve a better life for their families. She led successful efforts to protect Maine's environment, for corporate accountability, to protect workers, to promote a women's right to choose, and in support of Maine's small businesses. As a state Senator, Chellie was also a founding member of the Maine Economic Growth Council.Pingree's leadership in Maine politics led to numerous international appointments. She traveled to Hungary as an Eisenhower Exchange Fellow, served as a member of the White House delegation to observe elections in Bosnia, and was a member of a U.S. delegation to Northern Ireland, working with women political leaders there.

After being term-limited from the Maine Senate in 2000, Pingree challenged incumbent U.S. Senator Susan Collins in 2002. As one of the few outspoken opponents of the Iraq War running for U.S. Senate, Chellie mounted a strong, but ultimately unsuccessful campaign.

From 2003 to 2007, Chellie served as the National President and CEO of Common Cause, a non-partisan citizen activist group with nearly 300,000 members and 35 state chapters. Common Cause's mission is to help citizens make their voices heard in the political process and to hold their elected leaders accountable to the public interest. Under Chellie's leadership, Common Cause increased its membership and diversified its agenda to include limiting media concentration and consolidation, promoting Net Neutrality, and election reform, while continuing to pursue its traditional goals of campaign finance reform and oversight of government ethics and accountability.

In 2008 Chellie was elected to Congress from Maine’s 1st Congressional District—the first woman elected to Congress from that District. It also marks the first time in American history that women make up the majority of a state’s Congressional Delegation.

Chellie has three grown children. Her eldest, Hannah, is former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, is married to filmmaker Jason Mann, and is mother to Chellie's granddaughter, Elsie. Her daughter Cecily, another filmmaker, is currently working with Penobscot Bay East Resource Center on a film about Maine's fishing industry. And her son, Asa, is a small business owner and proud father of Chellie's first grandson, Smith.


As the Founder of the 11,000+ member international organization EcoMom® Alliance, empowering women to make healthier lifestyle choices, Kimberly Pinkson is an expert in consumer behavior, leveraging purchasing power to support a shift toward sustainable economies.

She is a popular media guest on health and wellness issues, having appeared on media outlets such as the TODAY Show, Access Hollywood, CBS Morning News, and 20/20 and she has been a keynote speaker at events such as the World Women’s Forum in Seoul, Korea and the Marketing to Moms Conference in North Carolina.

In addition to guiding EcoMom® Alliance, Kimberly is a sustainability and brand messaging consultant and a member of the Speaker’s Board for the Just Label It Campaign, which recently garnered more public response than any previous such endeavor: over 1 million signatures submitted to the FDA in support of labeling genetically engineered food.

She is also the CoFounder of and loves cooking veggies from the garden, making up recipes with her son, going on adventures in nature, dancing, and eating organic ice cream. Kimberly is committed to sharing with families, the good news that there are easy, affordable, and rewarding ways to live in greater balance, health, and joy on this planet we all share.


Whitney Pipkin covers the intersection of food, farms and the environment in the DMV region as a freelance journalist. She also is a part-time staff writer for the Chesapeake Bay Journal. She can't quite remember which topic came first — food or environment — only that she ended up talking about both every time she interviewed a farmer or oysterman. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Flavor and Foodshed magazines, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, ElevationDC, NPR's Kitchen Window and She blogs at" target="_blank"> and is a fellow of the Institute for Journalists of Natural Resources.


Shireen Pishdadi has been Congregational Outreach Coordinator for Faith in Place since 2001. She is a frequent speaker within and beyond the Muslim community on the relationship of religious faith and the way we grow our food. At Faith in Place, she provided the main impetus for the creation of TAQWA, a cooperative offering sustainably and humanelyraised meats that also satisfy Muslim dietary requirements. Previously, she served as a physics research assistant at Chicago State University where she received her B.S. in BioChemistry. She is a former president of the Muslim Student Association at CSU and served as a religious volunteer with Cook County Department of Corrections.


Mae has been a CPS Special Education Teacher for more than 30 years. For the past eight years, she has been an innovative, caring educator for her students at CHSAS. She is always there doing what needs to be done to make her student’s day as meaningful and worthwhile, and always mindful of the accommodations they need to be involved and successful.


Pittman is an ecological economist who works on sustainability assessment.


Sherri has over two decades of strategic marketing and business development experience with some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. Prior to joining Sungevity, she held several executive marketing roles at Levi Strauss & Co. across the company’s brand portfolio. During her tenure at the company, she played a key role in developing Signature by Levi Strauss into a leading value channel denim lifestyle resource and lead numerous global branding initiatives. Prior to Levi Strauss & Co., Sherri held senior level marketing and strategy positions at Sara Lee Corporation driving the growth of several of the company’s apparel brands. Sherri Pittman is Vice President, Relationship Marketing at Sungevity, and is responsible for building brand loyalty and driving residential solar sales through brand ambassador networks, non-profit and affinity marketing programs and new channel management. Sherri and her team have made significant contributions to Sungevity’s rapid growth; most notably overseeing Sungevity’s recently signed partnership with Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores.


Pitula is a community organizer with the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization. His work is part of LVEJO's Public Transit Justice campaign. The campaign is for transit funding, civil rights and environmental justice. Pitula has a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Spanish. Pitula has over 15 years involvement in peace, environmental and global justice movements.


Jack Pizzo is President, Senior Ecologist, Principal Landscape Architect and founding partner with Pizzo ; Associates, Ltd., a firm dedicated to protection, restoration and creation of natural areas. In 20 years he has been involved in teams to restore, design, construct and steward ecological restorations, sustainable subdivisions and natural landscapes throughout the country. Jack is an informative, inspiring and entertaining speaker on restoring the environment we live in.


Pat Plant is the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery of San Jose and has been 'stirring the pot' for social justice issues, including issues of economic justice, Fair Trade and sweat-free purchasing and ecological concerns, at her 45 Presbyterian churches for the past eight years. Prior to that, Pat was a school administrator.


Josie is Director of Projects for the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University. She has a degree in Business and Sustainability from Fort Lewis College and a Master's of Construction Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Building at Colorado State University. Josie has worked in the private, nonprofit and government sectors to facilitate and coordinate green building projects and is an experienced instructor, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She is LEED v2.0 and v2.2 Accredited Professional with working knowledge in LEED compliant design, construction, and documentation. Her research interests include organizational change and processes as they relate to the adoption of sustainability and integrated design, and her thesis research focused on pivotal experiences and the championing of sustainability in the building industry. She has presented her thesis work at regional and national conferences and to the 2006 Board of Directors for the U.S. Green Building Council.

Josie coauthored two articles in the premier edition of the Journal of Green Building and is a frequent public speaker at conferences, programs and events. In addition, Josie teaches college level courses in sustainable design and construction and conducts professional development trainings for industry professionals. Josies current research interests include the development of a process and metrics tool that will create a radical shift in thinking toward regenerative communities and projects.


Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Barbara Pleasant is one of America's most trusted garden writers (Cheryl Long, editorinchief of Mother Earth News magazine). A fourtime winner of Garden Globe awards given by the Garden Writers Association, Barbara has written numerous books on a wide range of subjects from vegetables to weeds. Her 2008 book, The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, turned composting upsidedown by moving it from the shadows to the heart of the garden. Barbara is a contributing editor for Mother Earth News. Her newest book Starter Vegetable Gardens, provides plans, guidance and techniques to guarantee a successful garden, starting in the very first season.


Founders of Transcendentist®, Inc., Fred is a restorative and general dentist with a Ph.D. in meditation. on the board of the Engage Network, Ina is a social entrepreneur and lawyer of 18 years.


Depending on who you ask, you might hear about Alixa and Naima as mural painters, rabble rousers, or exterior decorators. They are as notorious for their fistraising performances as they are for their artsbased political education workshops; as recognized for their visual art as they for Fashion Statement, their line of silkscreened clothing. Basically, Alixa and Naima are poets who moonlight as street artists, and infiltrate public schools and prisons with infectious ideas of how people can shape their own destinies.

A tattoo artist from Colombia and a gymnast from the back roads of Massachusetts, their powers combined they are the Heart Beat Soul Sister Artist Warrior duo Climbing PoeTree.

Climbing PoeTree have blazed stages from Oakland to Atlanta, South Africa to Cuba with artists such as Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Jessica Care Moore, The Last Poets, and Dead Prez. They have led workshops in institutions from Cornell University to Riker's Island. And they have painted murals on walls from the Bronx, to Santiago, to Jamaica. Climbing PoeTree's uses their art to expose injustice, heal from violence, and


Jean Pogge is the Executive Vice President of Consumer and Community Banking at ShoreBank, Americas first and leading community development and environmental bank. Pogges responsibilities include the retail branch network, small business credit, single family mortgage lending, mission based deposits and the evolving strategy for serving the unbanked.

Prior to joining ShoreBank, Jean Pogge was President of Woodstock Institute, a nationally recognized policy nonprofit that works to promote community reinvestment through policy development, applied research, and interactive program design.

Ms. Pogge received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barat College and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Currently, Ms. Pogge is a board member and an Executive Committee member of the Social Venture Network and a board member of the Social Investment Forum. She also serves on the Board of Directors and the Finance and Investment Committee of the Chicago Foundation for Women. She is a current and founding board member of Pivot Consulting. She is an active member of the Chicago Finance Exchange.


Poling is the Regional President for the Pacific Northwest region of One PacificCoast Bank, FSB, an FDIC-insured Certified Community Development Financial Institution. As a member of the bank’s senior management team, Poling oversees all business development activities for Washington and Oregon as well as playing a key role in the strategic development of the overall bank. She has more than 25 years of commercial banking experience, working with a variety of industry areas and many years of non-profit leadership roles. Poling holds a BS in Finance from the University of Montana and an MBA from Seattle University



Robert Politzer is the President and founder of GreenStreet Inc. Under Mr. Politzer's leadership, GreenStreet has grown from a small environmental testing and abatement company to a leading green energy, building and development firm, operating primarily in the tri-state region. Mr. Politzer is a LEED accredited professional and was the Chair of the Sustainable Business Task Force of the New York State Environmental Business Association. He is a former New York City public high school teacher and Adjunct Professor at New York University and the New York City Technical College. Mr. Politzer holds a B.S. in Biology from Indiana University, a M.A. in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan, and a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College.

Paul Polizzotto’s career in social enterprise began when he launched his first venture, the industrial/environmental cleaning company Property Prep, in 1989. A lifelong surfer, Paul melded his passion for the ocean with his talent for entrepreneurship and pioneered Urban Watershed Cleaning and Zero Discharge -- two technologies which help businesses become environmentally compliant by scrubbing toxins from parking lots and industrial sites, thus preventing the run-off from entering storm drain systems and polluting the waters into which they feed.

In 2002, Paul expanded his reach with his “Adopt-A-Waterway Program,” a public-private partnership that continues to channel corporate ad dollars into environmental awareness campaigns and technologies that mitigate storm drain and urban run-off pollution. Paul parlayed the success of “Adopt-A-Waterway” into the EcoAd Program. Launched in January 2011, this innovative advertising paradigm funnels a portion of the budgets from corporate advertising campaigns into grants for environmental projects in communities across the United States.

The EcoAd Program is the cornerstone of Paul’s current venture, CBS EcoMedia Inc., the mission of which is a continuation of Paul’s original vision: to raise public awareness about environmental issues, to help fund solutions, and to create healthy communities across the nation. As Founder and President, Paul oversees the operations and strategic direction of the company, which has seen numerous successes and accomplishments over the past year.

Paul’s pioneering work in the areas of public-private partnership, sustainable media, and social enterprise have made him a sought-after speaker. In 2010, he represented the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in the UK and Europe, where he shared his expertise in social entrepreneurship with an audience of international leaders.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. The EcoAd program is a 2012 Edison Award Winner, and in 2009, EcoMedia received the United States Conference of Mayors’ Excellence in Public/Private Partnerships Award. Vanity Fair Magazine has hailed Paul as a "Public Private Visionary," and in 2002, he was honored with the Santa Monica Baykeeper’s and the Waterkeeper Alliance's prestigious "Keeper Award."

Paul serves on the Board of Advisors for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Waterkeeper Alliance and is a Grades of Green Board Member. In addition, he is an inaugural member of the Board of Advisors for the Society and Business Lab at USC’s Marshall School of Business, where he is a frequent guest lecturer.


Kevin Polka is the general manager for his family business, Paragon Mechanical, Inc. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in electrical engineering and a minor in mathematics. His passion is to utilize his business to build better heating, cooling and domestic hot water system, which in turn, saves substantial amounts of energy. He has a wonderful wife and a beautiful baby boy.