Jerry Qin is a rising senior at Walnut High, in the small yet beautiful city of Walnut, CA. His interest in the environment stems both from his Buddhist background and also his undying love for outdoor activities ranging from competitive sports like water polo and pole vault, to hiking and biking. Jerry operates mainly through his club ECGA (Environmental Care Global Awareness) on his high school campus and his position with CAYLC (California Youth Leadership Council). Jerry also works outside of school with organizations like L.A. Youth and the Algalita Marine Research Institute to further his education in the environmental field and also help disseminate educational information to others. Jerry plans to take a year off after high school to pursue his studies of martial arts, Buddhism and nature at the Shaolin Temple in China, then return for a 4-year college education in the U.S.


Jimmy Quach is founder of Good Paper (www.goodpaper.com), the leading supplier of fair trade greeting cards and stationery products. He is also pursuing an M.B.A. at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, studying entrepreneurship in developing economies. Good Paper is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.



Quarto, Executive Director and CoFounder of the Mangrove Action Project, is a veteran campaigner with almost 28 years experience working on international environmental and social justice issues. Quartos experiences range over many different countries and several environmental organizations, with a longterm focus on marine ecology, forestry and human rights. Quarto has spoken on mangrove conservation issues at the UN, international fora and workshops, the American Museum of Natural History, universities and colleges, high schools and grade schools, churches and other organizations. Quarto was a 1970 graduate of Purdue University in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, working for Boeing for nearly 4 1/2 years as a jet propulsion systems analyst which he quit to work full time as an activist with Greenpeace (19771984), then Project Director for the Freedom Fund (19841989), and then Executive Director of the Ancient Forest Chautauqua (199091) a multimedia traveling forum with events in 30 West Coast cities on behalf of oldgrowth forests and indigenous dwellers. Quarto was also a freelance photojournalist whose published works on mangrove forest/shrimp aquaculture issues have appeared in Biodiversity Journal, Science Jounal, Cultural Survival Quarterly, EMagazine, Wild Earth, the Earth Island Journal, Dollars and Sense, Tiempo, Bangkok Post, Earth First Journal, Aquaculture Asia, and Shrimp News International, to name a few. Quarto also has a chapter included in a couple of books, including An International Perspective on Wetland Rehabilitation (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999). Although Quarto works at the grassroots level with international organizations and local communities, he also works at the grassroots level at home, where he lives and works with his Chilean wife and 2 children on a small organic farm on the Olympic Peninsula near Port Angeles, Washington.


Judy Quea aka Judy Q aka DJ Divinity has been a food director and high volume business food specialist in the bay area for 20 years. Managing high volume food concepts from corporate industries like Hewlett Packard to operating multi-unit kitchens and community food events, She is the former General Production Manager for Café Gratitude, has worked with Guerrilla Café in Berkeley, and Chasing Lions in San Francisco. Building layout and production vision, creating systems of inventory as well as training are all a part of her total transformation of the space.

Also a radio personality and DJ for over 15 years, Judy Q has collaborated with local and international artists and served as house selector for Oakland’s First Fridays events such as “The Grow Sessions.”

Her goal to offer community space to nourish, rest, reflect, converse, inspire, and transform one another to the next level of well being.



John Quigley is an internationally known Artist, Producer, and Activist. His unique mix of human installation and aerial photography brings together communities to create large-scale messages for the common good. Focusing on themes of health, human rights, social justice, ecological balance, democracy, and freedom, his work strives to liberate the spirit and inspire unity through creative participation. He has created more than 150 Aerial Art images involving over 150,000 people on 7 continents. Locations have ranged from the Amazon Rainforest, Antarctica, the Arctic, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Java, Bali, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Belize, London, Geneva, Athens, Delhi, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Bonn, Victoria, Toronto, Vancouver, Alaska, Los Angeles, the United Nations in New York, and cities across the United States, most recently in Washington, D.C. for the Occupy Movement.


HGTV Designer, Author, and Eco Decorating Expert Shannon Quimby has been sharing sustainable decorating and design ideas across the country for the past 19 years. You can catch her on CBS KOIN Studio 6, and read her DIY column in "The Oregonian," Homes and Gardens section. Check out Shannon at www.shannonquimby.com.

" target="_blank">http://www.shannonquimby.com">www.shannonquimby.com.



Gary Quinn, bestselling author, motivational life coach and founder of Touchstone for Life Coaching, Our Living Center in Los Angeles. He is the author of Living In the Spiritual Zone and has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Vogue magazine, RED magazine, NBC TV, People magazine and more than 250 radio shows.