Green Festival Speakers

Erin Thompson


Born in the beautiful Puyallup Valley of Washington State, Thompson has taken the lessons from her agricultural heritage and is currently the Director of Food Justice Programs at Community to Community Development a womenled, place based, grassroots organization working for a just society and healthy communities. As director, Thompson coordinates various programs that are committed to social, economic and environmental justice. Working directly with farmworker advocate Rosalinda Guillen and with farmworkers on the ground, Thompson has developed cultural and language appropriate technical assistance to Latino farmworkers and other lowincome laborers as they move towards sustainable livelihoods in mutually beneficial cooperative enterprises.

As a Board Member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association Thompson works to bring farmworker's voices into the creation of a healthy, just, and sustainable food system that is united around Principles of Domestic Fair Trade and that envisions a healthy community where all participants in the system understand the realities, challenges, and effects of food production and distribution.