Green Festival Speakers

Josh Tickell



The author of two books on alternative energy, Tickell has worked on environmental issues for over twenty years. His career spans a unique mixture of science, political activism, investigative journalism and filmmaking. Having grown up amongst the oil refineries in Louisiana, Tickell experienced the impacts of dirty oil processing at a young age. After watching his mother suffer from pollution related sickness, Tickell began to search for sustainable, clean energy sources. His directorial debut film, ‘FUEL,’ is the 2008 Sundance Audience Award winning documentary that investigates the possible replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. For his rescue mission in the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane in Louisiana, Tickell’s nonprofit organization was selected by President Bill Clinton as an inaugural part of his Global Initiative on Climate Change. As a film director he has worked with actors such as Woody Harrelson, Amy Smart, Michelle Rodriguez and Peter Fonda. Tickell and his wife, Rebecca Harrell Tickell (a producer of ‘FUEL’ and co-director/producer of ‘The Big Fix’) live in Venice beach, California.