Green Festival Speakers

Alberto Tlatoa



Alberto Tlatoa is a member of the South Central Farmer’s Cooperative. At the age of 18, Alberto entered into social activism at the garden plot his family farmed in South Central Los Angeles was threatened with destruction. Learning of injustice by experiencing it, Alberto made a commitment to his community and family to use his life to work for change and equity among all people. As a high school student, Alberto bridged the gap between primarily Spanish speaking farmers and English speaking volunteers. While a community college student, Alberto also took on a full-time farming/organizing position with the South Central Farmers’ Cooperative, and has grown into the distribution manager of the cooperative. Currently, Alberto, a recent UCLA graduate is spending his days farming and fighting for food justice while creating access to fresh organic produce in low income areas. Along with his Co-op responsibilities, Alberto leads farm tours, coordinates our UCLA student intern program, and visits local schools to give workshops and presentations on agriculture, food access and nutrition.