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Green Festival Speakers

Eugene Tsui



Tsui is an organic architect, designer and author whose work expresses the built environment as a living organism. He is founding director of Telos Foundation.

What happens when nature is your teacher and you fashion a world according to nature's insight, intelligence and genius for design? You get the extraordinary and strikingly original work of Eugene Tsui. Concerned with the rapid destruction of our planet by the consumerdriven, imagepermeated, affluence and growth driven outlook of societies throughout the world, Dr. Tsui is creating an architecture that addresses ageold topics that have been largely ignored by architects; world population explosion, globalized consumption, designing for natural disasters, social alienation in our cities and the need for the built environment as individual, artful and distinctive expression of people. Take a glimpse into the world of design as if nature were the progenitor. Tsui's work expresses the quality of educating humanity to see the built environment as a living organisman organism that responds to human need and the forces of natureHumanity and nature working together to create a new world full of artistic ingenuity and functional intelligence.

Tsui is creating a new paradigm of living lightly on the planet where structures are able to be lightweight and withstand the tremendous forces of nature, have moving parts for ventilation, heating and cooling, produce renewable energy, are aerodynamic and are works of art in themselves. Dr. Tsui will present some of his work on three continents; the Shenzhen Tower in Shenzhen, China, with its 92 windmills, 700,000 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels and a floating Mangrove tree forest that cleans raw sewage naturallyit's the new symbol of the southern gateway to China. The Strait of Gibraltar Floating Bridge would link the European and African continents together with a floating and partially submerged bridge using waterproof links that are connected by cableslike the spinal column of a living organismand producing 12 billion kilowatts of renewable energy and 1.3 billion gallons of fresh water with a five mile long floating island at its center. In Portugal, the first completely self energy generating house, company and farm building is designed to collect rain water and features an eggshaped computer company and a wetlands system for cleaning raw sewage. Another house, planned for the southern coast of the USA, is shaped like a Shark fin to slice through the crushing forces of Tsunami waves. These and other remarkable structures will accompany Eugene Tsui's presentation.

Tsui holds four degrees in architecture, city and regional planning and an Interdisciplinary doctorate in architecture and education from the University of California, Berkeley. He apprenticed with the renowned American architect, Bruce Goff, and the German architect, Frei Otto, and at 19 years of age, was a member of the design team of the Organizing Committee of the Montreal Olympics. He is the author of four books on architecture voted by the Institute of British Architects and the American Institute of Building design as recommended reading. Winner of research grant awards from such institutions as, the National Endowment For The Arts and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Study, Dr. Tsui's work is acknowledged as crucial to our understanding of ecology and biomimicry in design.

Dr. Tsui's work is published in books and magazines throughout the world and continues to be featured on global television programs such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, the History Channel, the BBC, PBS, NBC, CNN, India Television, China Television, Euro Television and many others. Dr. Tsui's office, Tsui Design and Research, Inc., located in Emeryville, California, is a laboratory incubator for the development of new and untried ideas and a teaching ground for a new generation of architects, engineers, planners, ecologists and social activists from every continent of the world.

He has been a keynote speaker at many prominent institutions and conferences including; the Union of International Architects Conference in Beijing, China, the Eco Wave Conference in San Francisco, the Chicago Humanities Festival and the SFTArchitecture World Conference (Europe's largest design conference) in Muenster, Germany.

Dr. Tsui is also the founding Director of the Telos Foundation, a nonprofit organization currently planning a 170acre campus in the Alpine desert climate at the base of Mount Shasta, California. The school is a prototype for studying nature as a basis for developing concepts and applications in a variety of fields, from design, to athletics, to the social sciences.