Green Festival Speakers

Keith Tucker


Keith Tucker is a social activist, journalist and entrepreneur. He is the visionary force behind the documentary film project "Pursuit of a Green Planet, where HipHop Meets the Green Movement." Pursuit of A Green Planet is the first documentary about Hip Hop culture and its relationship to the Green Movement. In the film Keith Tucker will become a living experiment as he makes the radical transition from your average American diet and lifestyle to one that is truly vegan, organic and green. Starting with a full medical profile of his current health condition, he will work with a team of the best medical and health professionals at every stage of the process as he cleanses his body, transitions to a vegan diet and conditions his body to operate at peak performance. The film will document the biological, physical, psychological and emotional transitions of the process. Can he make it? How hard will it be? As a member of the first generation of Hip Hop, Keith will be taking his project on the road as he tours the nation talking to some of Hip Hop’s biggest icons who are vegetarian, vegan and committed activists addressing diverse environmental and health issues. The mission of Pursuit of a Green Planet is to help renew the promise of the Hip Hop generation by highlighting the powerful work its members are doing behind the scenes.