Green Festival Speakers

Aisha Turman



Educator. Writer. Filmmaker. Advocate. Artist. Parent. Aiesha is a lot of things, but what holds them all together is her passion for stories and histories, particularly those of women from marginalized backgrounds.

The granddaughter of a master storyteller, who wove South Carolina low country folktales with scenes from his real life growing up in the pre-Depression era south, Aiesha’s love of true-life tales has led her to work with and learn from institutions such as: The Museum for African Art, The New-York Historical Society, the Queens Library Gallery, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Achievement First Bushwick Middle School, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

Aiesha has combined her practical knowledge with her interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degrees in order to help create and interpret programming which speaks to creating knowledge and presenting memory to and with youth.

Aiesha is also the owner of http://superhussy.com/" target="_blank">Super Hussy Media, a niche production company that uses a variety of media (film, print, internet) as tools for investigation into the lives of one of the most marginalized groups in America. Aiesha uses the tools to engage in frank dialogue surrounding the intersectionality of race, class, gender, spirituality and sexual orientation and the roles they play in the lives of Black communities, particularly, but not limited to Black women and girls and whose stories continue to be pushed to the margins in lieu of narratives considered more mainstream.

Her first film, The Black Girl Project, was completed in August 2010. The educational outreach for the film has spawned a non-profit organization which seeks to help empower girls take to take control of their lives and become the architects of their own destiny.