Green Festival Speakers

Anna Turner



Turner first encountered community organizing at the age of 14. She began her journey by first attending a YUCA (Youth United for Community Action) membership meeting, and from that point on, she has been able to participate in different aspects of the organization. From youth core member to administrative assistant to board member, and now to program coordinator, Anna has become a wellrounded contributor to YUCA and the East Palo Alto community. As FIRE program coordinator, her focus is coordinating membership recruitment and presenting workshops to different community organizations and schools, as well as coordinating the Youth Environmental Justice Network (YEJ). YEJ is a space that brings together youth from different Bay Area environmental justice organizations where they share strategies and work on different projects to address environmental racism from a youth perspective. Anna is a strong believer in the power of voice, and she uses her voice to motivate others to become a part of the journey towards environmental justice.