Green Festival Speakers

Valerie Mason Robinson



Valerie Mason's love affair with beauty products began while she was still playing dress-up in her mother’s shoes and make-up. Over the years she had been made to feel like a beauty queen through its magical, transforming powers, but things got serious when she realized these products were more than just perfect colors and shades.

While in college, Valerie had the life changing opportunity to research at M.I.T. in cosmetic surfactants (surface chemical reactions). She learned that we’re more than just what we eat. What we put onto our largest organ, the skin, has lasting consequences to our health and wellbeing; especially since 80% of what we apply topically is absorbed into the skin. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she decided to delve even deeper into skin care, so she returned to school for her esthetics-skin care license, a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Instead of running to a dermatologist who would prescribe creams and ointments filled with parabens and other toxic chemicals, Valerie learned about organic and naturally based skin care products that are just as effective, but without the harmful toxins. This “hands-on” experience combined with her Chemical Engineering background forms her foundation of knowledge.

Eden Organix gives back by creating human capital. This is done through scholarships, by supporting jobs for women who have fallen on hard times and by donating 10% of our profits to causes that help the environment, women and children. The purpose is known as 'Drive Beauty,' and it is Valerie's my passion. Her philosophy is simple, if you can help people first, you can help the environment.