Green Festival Speakers

John Valverde



John Valverde is the Director of Workforce Development at the Osborne Association, which provides men and women with criminal records comprehensive career development training to prepare them to enter and advance in the green economy. The Green Career Center seeks to embody making a difference by helping people in the re-purposing of their lives and advocating for opportunities for them to contribute to their families, communities and the environment. John’s commitment to social, economic and environmental justice; education; cognitive/behavioral development and breaking the cycle of illness, poverty, drugs, crime and incarceration led him to be selected as a Marano Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Workforce Strategies Initiative, and a member of Green for All’s national Green Pathways to Re-entry Community of Practice. At the core of John’s work his commitment to developing good green local business and connecting those business owners to a solid, skilled workforce.