Green Festival Speakers

Jasmin Vargas

As an organizer for Beyond Coal, I help grow a vibrant movement of progressive activists to take on the power of dirty coal and bring real clean energy to LA. We have organized thousands of activists to engage in the climate movement. In LA's low income, underserved neighborhoods, we have partnered with community groups to bring good union jobs in energy efficiency and weatherization programs. In April 2013, LA city council passed an amendment to their power contract with IPP (Utah) effectively setting a divestment process that begins in 2020 to 2025. This, along with the divestment from NGS (Arizona) by 2015, has positioned LA as a leader on carbon emission reduction. Coupled with California's leadership on climate and our opportunity to work with allies in the labor, immigration reform, environmental justice, faith and youth movements, our local movement is growing and challenging the power of the fossil fuel industry.