Green Festival Speakers

David Vollan


David began his career as a remodeling contractor very interested in “green building” and participated as an active member of the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild. When the economy slowed down, he decided to specialize in the energy efficiency field as a weatherization contractor and founded Home Performance, Inc. in the fall of 2008. For the last two and a half years he has been managing Home Performance Inc. What started as a two-man operation on a shoestring now has 6 employees. HPI currently completes about 170 weatherization projects per year, 60% in the low-income weatherization field and 30% in the private sector.


ging them to stick with it.” And their dedication has paid off. Munay Rumi’s sales have increased exponentially – nearly 600 times – since they started just four years ago. They have benefited from technical and design training over the past two years by PJT’s Sales Coordinator and jewelry designer, Peggy Eng. These trainings have built a cohesive collection and developed a signature style.

purveyor of hope in the guise of a successful, triple bottom line business.