Green Festival Speakers

Kathi von Koerber


Kathi von Koerber is a dancer, healer and filmmaker from Germany and South Africa. She has spent time with elders from Bushmen tribes in southern Africa, the Tuareg in the Sahara, Gabonese Eboga priestess Bernadette Riebenot, Lakota, Navajo and Cherokee in the United States, Xawante and Fulnio in Brazil, and the Camsra and Kogi in Colombia. Kathi has taught dance and performed internationally for the last 15 years. She has designated her life to the preservation of indigenous wisdom and advocating rituals as a key element in human evolution and initiation into adulthood.

Kathi founded the company Kiahkeya (www.kiahkeya.com) in 2004 with the aim to inform and disseminate art, creativity and spirituality for the purpose of cross cultural and environmental equality and tolerance. Various film projects include: the Bushmen tribe of Southern Africa; Footsteps in Africa (www.footstepsafrica.com); the music, dance and survival skills of the Tamashek Nomads of the Sahara; and an environmental Butoh dance film shot on the Alaskan ice caps. She is currently producing a film on the mystical powers of water called Moving Waters. Kiahkeya also produces intercultural workshops including dance, plant medicine healing modalities, earth prayers of different traditions, leadership wilderness training and sustainable living and farming. All Kiahkeya projects support the environment and its inhabitants.

Kathi honors the voice of the grandmother and supports the prayer of the woman and her ancient voices, through the tools and means of praying with the elements, the earth, its food, the fire and its transformation, the water and its purifying power, and the air through which we walk our dance of life.