Green Festival Speakers

Pam Wanveer



Pam Wanveer is a Level 3 Tellington TTouch Practitioner, one of 6 level 3's in the USA and has been a Practitioner for the last 18 years. Her background in Special Education, learning, behavior and history with and love of animals brought her to her present vocation. TTouch has been used internationally for the last 35 years. TTouch uses body work, wraps and movement exercises to help animals learn self and impulse control and improved ability to focus and learn. TTouch recognizes the links between posture, movement, stressors like fear or pain and behavior. It promotes calm and self-control to enable animals to move beyond instinctive fearful responses to its environment making learning easier and more fun while enhancing relationship. TTouch is very useful for dogs who show fear, noise sensitivity or aggressive behaviors.