Green Festival Speakers

Jody Weiss



PeaceKeeper™ Cause-Metics™ is an eco-green, sustainable cosmetics company which gives donations to urgent human rights issues for women and children. Nominated as a finalist for "Best Lip Product of the Year" by CEW, PeaceKeeper’s products are some of the most natural in the industry. PeaceKeeper sources certain raw ingredients from developing world farmers, who tend to be mostly women and gives micro-credit loans to their families. The line features products made without harmful ingredients or as they like to say, “No Nasty Anything”… and there is no animal testing! PeaceKeeper’s Founder, Jody R. Weiss is an activist who believes that just by chance of birth we were entrusted a duty and a privilege to have the resources to help the least among us. That is why PeaceKeeper’s slogan is “Transform You. Transform The World.