Green Festival Speakers

Renee Wilson



Multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress and filmmaker Renée Wilson brings her entire heart and soul to her work and life. Over the past 15 years Renée has been seen on television, stage and film, most notably starring in Taylor Hackford's Academy Award - winning film Ray along side Jamie Foxx and Regina King. In 2005 Renée directed and produced Crepe Covered Sidewalks, a feature documentary about her home town of New Orleans and her family's experiences with hurricane Katrina. Completed in 2010, the film has played at many film festivals and Renée won the Best New Filmmaker award at the Peachtree Village international Film Festival in Atlanta. Currently Renée is in pre-production with her second feature film, is composing and performing music in and around the Bay area with Jazz favorites Marcus Shelby, Howard Wiley, Matt Clark and other talented musicians and is working on a tribute piece to one of her biggest influences Ms. Lena Horne. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Aaron. For more information on Ms. Wilson go to www.reneewilson.org" target="_blank">http://www.reneewilson.org">www.reneewilson.org and www.crepecoveredsidewalks.com.

" target="_blank">http://www.crepecoveredsidewalks.com">www.crepecoveredsidewalks.com.