Green Festival Speakers

Markly Wilson



Markly Wilson, Director, International Marketing for New York State’s Division of Tourism, is responsible for generating increased international travel to New York State.

He was previously President of The Wilson Company, specializing in empowering communities to assess, plan, and market their tourism resources. Clients have ranged from the Lakota Sioux Reservation, Harlem, Government of Belize, among many others.

He was Director of Marketing for the Caribbean Tourism Organization for three years, after serving as US Manager for the Tourist Board of Barbados for nine years.

Wilson managed the NY Watchable Wildlife Program, a project between federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses. This group published the first Wildlife Viewing Guide of New York State in 1998.

Markly Wilson, a graduate of St. Claire College in Windsor, Ontario and Adelphi University in Long Island, was on the faculty of New York University for six years where he lectured on Ecotourism.