Green Festival Speakers

Yoga: Poetry in Motion


The Green Festival has over 10,000 participants a year journeying to their prospective locations to find a healthier way of living. Bringing sustainability into their lives on every level. After speaking to several local yogis and yoginis about the idea of yoga and fashion. We discovered that while there is a definite sense of style within this community. They strongly desire their connection to Yoga as a union with self and the divine to be in the forefront. Seeing clothing as merely an extension of this expression. Its from this desire that we bring you Yoga: Poetry in Motion.

This 15 minute presentation takes a journey through the artistic and natural aspects of yoga. Local yoga teachers of all ages nationalities and sizes will model eco friendly fashion while preforming acro yoga, sun salutations, and sacred dance set to a mix of yogic songs and poetry written and performed by yoga teachers.