Green Festival Speakers

Corrine L. Van Hook



Corrine L. Van Hook manages communications, outreach, and supports fundraising efforts at Bay Localize. She helps coordinate and support key programs like Communities for Resilience and Green Your City as well as program development and strategic planning. Corrine's passion for social justice stems from youth and education, disadvantaged populations and people of color, and equitable opportunity. As a former IDEAL Scholar, she witnessed and continues to witness the compelling impact of investing in youth and disenfranchised communities so that leadership can reflect the real diversity it seeks to serve. She has developed her talents working with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, Greater New Beginnings Youth Services, and through contracting with various organizations. Corrine holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She hopes to learn, educate, and urge communities to be more proactive in functioning within their environment so we can create and maintain sustainable futures.