Green Festival Speakers

Daniel Velez

In 2006, Daniel Velez founded Greater Goods, a store in Washington, D.C., that sells products that help consumers live a greener life or products that provide an ecofriendly alternative for everyday items. When Daniel created this store, he was thinking about Iraq, energy independence, and global warming, and realized that living more sustainably is about the choices we make around engineering and technology. It's also about how we as humans use our living and work spaces. Since most people on the planet live in cities, that's where energy, water, and waste technologies should be applied. Most of the buildings in major metropolitan areas will not be rebuilt any time soon, so we need to improve what we already have. Daniel wanted to find the kinds of goods and services that would help him improve his home so he could have less of an impact on the environment without sacrificing toilet paper. Not finding such a place, he decided to open one.