Green Festival Speakers

Hernando Villa

Hernando Villa is a Colombian healer and environmental consultant. He has been working with various indigenous groups in South America including the Camsra, Kogis, Sionas, Kofanes and the Emberas. His work has included environmental projects, plant medicine, music and ancient wisdom keeping. Hernando Villa is a Board Member of the Council for Environmental Affairs in the State of Risaralda, Colombia. He founded an NGO in Pereira in the Colombian state of Risaralda called Raices (roots in Spanish). Raices leads humanitarian and social projects. In urban Pereira they plant 100 organic gardens a year, provide educational leadership projects using permaculture to urban youth and teach the youth the indigenous ways of prayer. Raices advocates as a platform for indigenous tribes of Colombia to teach their wisdom and actively be involved through their prayers in local politics and environmental law making. Hernando Villa is also partnering with Kiahkeya, a production company designated to preserving indigenous wisdom in the United States.

Hernando offers his music and purification within different environments, such as prayer circles, workshops, tribal elder facilitation, indigenous preservation projects and youth leadership. His prayers are focused around the sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies and the continuity of herbal remedy wisdom and Earth teachings.