Green Festival Speakers

Brian Weller


Wellknown as a lecturer, creativity consultant and strategic thinker, Brian has cofounded two international consulting firms specializing in brain/mind learning, mind mapping and spiritual development. Over the past 20 years, Brian has worked as an organizational learning specialist in a substantial number of Fortune 500 clients. He is a Vedic meditation teacher of 40 years, a team builder, facilitator and seminar presenter. Brian has contributed to 3 books on the themes of learning and critical social change including Waking up in Time by Peter Russell. Curing the 1980's Brian worked with 4 departments of the British civil service with the special focus on cultural change. He is a cofounder and spokesman for Willits Economic Localization, a leading edge community in Northern California dedicated to preparing for the imminent effects of climate change. In 2006 Brian was one of 112 invited specialists at the international forum Dropping Knowledge in Berlin.

Brian's current focus is to help fast tract sustainability. He is a visiting lecturer with 2 leading sustainability business institutions The Bainbridge Graduate Institute and the Dominican University Green MBA program in San Rafael, California. In 2006/7, Brian coproduced and presented at the Regional Localization Networking Conferences in Willits, California. These conferences, the first of their kind, were attended by representatives from 30 communities in California, Washington and Nevada. Brian has also been an advisor to the Solar Living Institute in Northern California where he has helped bring sustainable living education to the world through online courseware.

He is currently planning the Marin County Sustainable Leadership conference for the communities of Marin County, Northern California that are active in sustainability.