Green Festival Speakers

Rob Wheeler


Wheeler is a lead organizer of the Campaign for a Sustainable America and CitNet's Call for a National Strategy for Sustainability. Wheeler has represented the Global Ecovillage Network, the US Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet), the International Institute for Sustainable Future, and other organizations at the UN for the past 12 years and is the Chair of the EcoEarth Alliance UN Partnership Initiative. Wheeler coordinated a Sustainable Community Campaign in Santa Cruz, CA during the 1990s and has been an environmental, peace and community activist/organizer for 40 years. Wheeler was a key organizer forcing the permanent closure of the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Plant in California and has taught environmental education in outdoor education schools, summer camp programs, and with the Youth Conservation Corps. Wheeler talks about how we can make a rapid transition to full sustainability and greatly increase the quality of life for all Americans.