Green Festival Speakers

Heather White



Heather White is an award-winning non-profit executive and researcher with 25 years experience in international advocacy on labor and human rights issues. She is currently a Network Fellow at Harvard University’s Edmund Safra Center for Ethics. Her investigative work on transparency in global supply chains has led to improved industry standards in social auditing and verification practices. Heather is the founder and former Executive Director (1995-2005) of Verité, a non-profit organization that has won international recognition for its efforts to reduce labor violations in factories producing for American consumer brands.

Heather and Verite have received numerous awards, and she has been widely interviewed on the need for independent oversight of corporations’ global supplier networks. In 2012 her perspectives on Apple Computer’s labor challenges in its Chinese factories appeared in the U.S. and European media, including: The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NPR, and European newspapers.