Green Festival Speakers

Bryan Willson



Bryan Willson is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. He is also founder and director of CSU´s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL). He founded the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory in 1992 and has guided its rise to one of the most prominent and influential engine research programs in the U.S. In the areas of large engines, natural gas engines, twostroke engines, and hazardous air pollutants; the EECL is widely acknowledged as a world leader in this field.

Dr. Willson is CoFounder and member of the Board of Directors of EnviroFit International, Ltd, a nonprofit corporation committed to improving global health through the development and dissemination of technology solutions to environmental problems in the developing world. EnviroFit is currently focused on the widespread dissemination of clean retrofit technology to reduce emissions from twostroke cycle engines. Dr. Willson and EnviroFit were awarded an international Tech Award in 2005 by the Tech Museum of Innovation for technology in service of humanity. Crown Princes of Denmark and Spain recognized Dr. Willsons laboratory with the 2008 Royal Award for Sustainable Technology Transfer for clean tech innovations in three different areas: an international clean cookstove project, twostroke engine conversion kit and the next generation of biofuels production from algae.

Dr. Willson serves as consultant and/or adviser to numerous US government agencies, international development and environmental agencies, industrial organizations, and private industries.