Green Festival Speakers

Bill Wilson



Communitarian and Permaculturist, Bill Wilson, is founder of Midwest Permaculture (.com) booth 2088. He has done much to heighten the awareness and understanding of permaculture and sustainable living through his coordination of workshops, permaculture design courses and other educational events. He is a 29 year resident of the unique and sustainablyoriented community of Stelle, IL.

David Suzuki, awardwinning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, has been quoted as saying, What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. Why? Permaculturists can grow food just about anywhere, repair environmentally damages lands, design lovely and long lasting greenbuildings, produce power, run successful peopleoriented businesses, and build authentic community all by using the same fundamental permaculture principles and applying a permaculture ethic: Care of People Care of the Earth Sharing all Surplus.

Permaculture (permanent + agriculture/culture) is a design system that integrates human existence into the natural environment so that everyone benefits humans, plants, wildlife and the planet. Permaculture is a tool, an approach, a design system, that encompasses all the components of living. It is a journey of the heart and mind into consciously designing sustainable living modalities.

Permaculture is a demonstrative way to provide for the human needs of everyone on the planet, while simultaneously retarding, or even possibly reversing, global warming.

Bill Wilson to speak on Sunday on the subject of Permaculture in Green Home/Building Design. Green Building Pavilion.