Green Festival Speakers

Winnie Wong



Winnie is a film-maker and blogger; see her work at: www.seismologik.com" target="_blank">http://www.seismologik.com/">www.seismologik.com and http://www.350.org/en/about/blogs/guerrilla-gardening-occupy-wall-street" target="_blank">http://www.350.org/en/about/blogs/guerrilla-gardening-occupy-wall-street">http://www.350.org/en/about/blogs/guerrilla-gardening-occupy-wall-street. Seismologik has currently produced six short films on sustainability, and are preparing to shoot a short film which will profile three sustainable innovators and showcase the work that they are doing.

Winnie is also an urban gardener/designer and coordinator for Occupy Wall Street Sustainability.

In the upcoming spring, Winne plans to participate in starting a 16,000 sq foot Roof Farm in Bushwick. The farm project aims to achieve 3 goals : 1) address hunger in a food desert community by producing real, nutrition dense natural food for the community. 2) Re-skill members of the community by offering work/learn/volunteer days 3) Create sustainable green jobs.