Green Festival Speakers

Tracy Wozniak



C3 leader, mother of 2 and yoga instructor, Tracy believes that in order to fulfill our obligation to help the environment, we must make small changes in our daily lives in order to create a big impact on global climate change. By teaching children the importance of sustainability and how we affect our world, we can expect a shift in consciousness that will produce a generation of socially responsible citizens. She is working on conservation efforts at her children's public school, Nettelhorst, by installing composters, recycling bins in each classroom, an edible garden, helping the funding efforts for the approved solar panels to be installed on the roof of the school and has initiated a program called Waste Not Wednesday, where the school was able to reduce the amount of waste produced at lunch by half. She is also working with CPS to promote signage for school zones to be idlefree. Her goal is to show how simple modifications in our actions can produce a positive outcome in our world.