Green Festival Speakers

Joan Wulfsohn



Joan Wulfsohn, a student of Carlos Castaneda, was a soloist in the National Ballet (KPAB) of South Africa and has taught dance at the University of Nanterre in Paris, Le Centre International de Danse in Cannes, El Centro National del Teatro in Barcelona and the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, among others. Combining the similar philosophies of the Nagual and Moshe Feldenkrais of economizing energy, retrieving lost energy and exploring personal history, she developed a bodywork technique known as Cellular Recall Therapy, and now uses this technique to help people worldwide access a spiritual path through the body. Joan has taught dance and healing techniques in twelve countries. The Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique® is a gentle and highly effective method for correcting and refining body alignment, building muscular strength and length, strengthening joints and increasing vitality and artistic expression. Feldenkrais-inspired classes are nondirective, nonjudgmental and exploratory, combining teaching through description and observation rather than imperative and command.