Green Festival Speakers

Kuros Zahedi



Kuros Zahedi is an artist and a teacher. He is originally from Iran and has lived and traveled extensively in Europe. His chief inspirations are his spirituality, the natural world and a vision of hope for civilization on earth. His work explores consciousness, the human being and its ultimate inseparability with nature.

Kuros has worked with nonprofits, educational institutions and governmental organizations to successfully complete community based art projects which tap into peoples souls in order to stir significant and relevant questions about the future of humanity. He believes that art can play a powerful role in the renewal of human civilization.

His most recent collaboration, Finding Away, transforms one year of trash and recycling collected by Ari Derfel into a single work of art. This work was unveiled in Seattle, WA in September 2009 and will be featured on the main stage at the San Francisco Green Festival in November.

Kuros has worked with groups such as the City of Seattle, the Green Festival, Bumbershoot, 4Culture, Sound Transit, Bellingham Parks and Recreation, and many public and private schools. His transformative work has been featured in numerous print publications and on network television. Kuros lives in Bellingham, WA.